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A chic chair made from salvaged bathroom stall wall and Coax cables

interweb chair

The makers of Binary chair BRC Designs are back with a very unusual design of a chair. They have used Coax cable and salvaged bathroom stall wall and created a distinguished thing.

Coax cable used for weaving have inner core of 1,100 feet. It is looped through grounding bars of aluminum, which are 64 in number. The frame is shaped using jigsaw and then sides are sanded to get the perfect size. The plastic is heated with torch and sanded to get the bright blue color.

As per the designer,

The shape of the frame is cut out using a Jigsaw and then each side is sanded for a perfect match. We then heat the plastic with a torch and use sandpaper to bring out its bright blue color. The surface of the plastic is imperfect with deep scratches and marks left over from when the mill was torn down and beams and bricks pounded the plastic.

The chair is quiet unique as it is made from salvaged material and it looks amazing when finished. The salvaged material is turned into a trendy chair. It is indeed a designer passion that worked in creating a useful thing from a waste material. This can be a good option for living area and outdoor spaces such as garden area. This is also a solution for people who want something special and trendy in their houses. This may be an inspiration for creative people, who can always come up with something unique from salvaged material.

interweb chair back

interweb chair plastic

interweb chair side close

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