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Amazing Iconic pop pieces made from Rubik Cube

cube works
What can a rubik cube actually be of your use, except for a puzzle that one would love to solve? Taking a new form and an entirely sophisticated look, the cube can be used for home décor now. Sounds strange right; check the Cube Works from Vidafine which is made from 100% rubik cubes. Cube work is all about the iconic pop pieces which makes use of only rubik cubes. Each piece comes with an installation kit and instructions manual and can be easily mounted with any common household tools Iconic pop pieces.

The pieces will definitely look amazing hanged on the walls. To just acquaint you with one of the example, check Rubik’s Cube Clint Eastwood is made up of 650 cubes and it took 2 weeks to build. Isn’t it amazing and something really impressive to add wonders to your walls?
cube works1
cube works2
cube works3
cube works5

Via: Freshome