Most amazing and intelligent faucet concepts

We have already seen a range of high-end faucets available on the shelves, which have been luxuriously designed to complement your space and provide maximum convenience of the users. This time, we have a collection of futuristic faucets as envisioned by the designers from around the globe, which come with unique features and are sure to make a modern splash in your regular bathroom. While some of them are kept as minimalist as possible to blend with the décor, a few combine sophisticated design with high-end technology and make for a great addition to the modern bathrooms. Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing and intelligent faucet conceptsRipple Faucet

Smith Newmann and Touch360 studio collaborated to create the Ripple Faucet by drawing inspiration from the eye-pleasing ripples that are formed in still waters. The faucet consists of a metallic ball and a set of electromagnetic sensors that are seated on a frosted metal surface. The sensors detect the position of the ball and hence control the temperature and pressure of the water flow. On moving the ball in or out from the water, the pressure of the water can be controlled while the temperature is controlled by moving the ball around. The ball glows red if the water is heated up and blue if it is cold and a mixed light indicate the water to be lukewarm.

Turn Rotary Dial Faucet

The Turn Rotary Dial Faucet designed by Eun ji Byeon is the exact design desired by environment conscious people for the eco-friendly dwelling as this faucet contributes in conservation of water. This stylish faucet works through a timing system. You would just have to rotate the dial to the time that you need the water to flow for washing your hands or so. Let us say if you want the water flow for 30 seconds, turn the dial to 30 seconds and you will get a sufficient flow for exactly that time. This way you will not waste even a single drop of water.

Fluid faucet series

Nowadays, people are seeking for more trendy and sleek faucets that are also smart enough to match perfectly with their modern interiors. Jordan Tomnuk has brought up a fabulous fluid faucet series including the bathroom/kitchen fixtures and shower heads as well for providing water in a modern way. the cohesive design of these cool looking faucets include seamless integration of touch panels for controlling the temperature of the water on the slim body of the faucet, while the pressure and other control are integrated on the shower head. These charming faucets are sure to leave the spectator awe-struck on the very first glimpse.

The +Shifter faucet

Car lovers would surely appreciate this faucet design by Shen Di as this faucet gives you the luxurious feel of a splendid car in your bathroom while you wash your hands. This pretty faucet christened as ‘+Shifter’ reminds of a luxury sports car as it lets the user to control the flow of water by shifting the liver of the gearbox just like we change the gear of the car. The sleek and minimal design of the ‘+Shifter’ is enhanced by the black metal and a copper face plate finish. One can well determine that the price of this gorgeous faucet would definitely be high.


For those looking to accent their home with a special faucet that has a modish as well as tech appeal then the Flat-Fold Faucet stands out as a perfect choice. Created by Min Kong, the design of this faucet is quite elegant and contemporary. The functional fold out chic design of the faucet saves space fantastically. You just need to unfold the faucet whenever you want to clean up the dishes. It also features touch technology allowing you to customize the flow of water as well as the water temperature according to your preferences.

Tempdot Faucet

Now in order to get the exact temperature of water whenever you need to wash your hands, you would not have to play with the settings. Jaeseok Han has designed a faucet, called as The Tempdot Faucet that works on color coding technique. It features blue dot that implicates for cold water, red for hot and green dots for lukewarm water. You just need to touch the colored dot to get the required temperature of water. After washing your hands with desired water you can stop the water flow by touching the same dot.

Nifty Eco Nozzles

The ‘COOK’ faucet designed by Jae il Bae gives you the opportunity to spew out the exact quantity of water required by you thus helping in conserving water. The facucet design features a silver colored nozzle with a target scope-like button system the center of which has a circular ‘COOK’ logo. The four buttons around it, entitled: Normal, 100ml, 500ml and 1L, specify the particular amount of water to be released. This stylish faucet does not only have awesome looks but also gives you a chance to avoid water wastage.

Touch-sensitive ‘Sunrise’ faucet

Designed by Siamodoro the ‘Sunrise’ faucet is an innovative basin fitting that features an intuitive touch screen panel constituted of five control buttons. The main ideology behind the creation of this cool design was to provide utmost convenience to the user in the most stylish possible way, while saving the water. The project ‘Sunrise’ faucet took its name from the linear forms of horizon at the time of sunrise and was also awarded as the winner in the IF Design Award China 2009.

The Bamboo Fountain

Designed by Mickaël Chrost, the Bamboo Fountain faucet has taken inspiration from the Asian Nature and looks quite like bamboo stem. The water wastage is minimized as the flow of water is slowed down intentionally. Special cartridges of essential minerals like Calcium, Iron, and Potassium that helps to purify the water as well as make the water healthy and safe to drink can also be fortified to the faucet. The Bamboo Fountain Faucet features temperature control and touch sensitive display.

Balena Sink faucets

The exquisite design and the elegant appearance of this faucet will leave you spellbound at the very first glance. Known by the name of ‘Balena’, this mesmerizing bathroom sink faucet is designed by Wen-Yo Lu. The designer has cleverly made the faucet out of metal and has used tinted green transparent plastics to increase the sumptuousness that clearly shows the activity of the water valves inside. The water flow can be manually controlled by the built-in single axis hinge that also control the up and down movements. The faucet is a perfect example of form and function in style.

Koolhaus faucets

This classy faucet known as the ‘Koolhaus Faucet’ has been designed by Daniel Dobrogorsky. The designer has given the utmost preference to the convenience of the users. He has amalgamated a splendid design with high-end technology. The Koolhaus tap ware lets the user to measure and monitor the entire volume of water that is used by each bathroom appliance every day. Each appliance includes its own flow rate device that passes the inflow water volume data to the Koolhaus. This information can be seen on the LCD of the faucet, which is further sent to the user’s computer, where the information can be easily checked. There is an infrared on/off sensor on the faucet to make efficient use of every single drop of water and therefore water wastage is minimized.

The Water Symphony

The Water Symphony faucet is designed elegantly with the intuitive idea of not touching the faucet to operate. Designed by Aleksandr Mukomelov, the Water Symphony consists of the mixer tap with sensors around it that makes it function automatically when you put your hand within the range. There is a unit under the sink that adjusts features like water pressure and water temperature. The top of the tap consist of an OLED screen that shows the water temperature, pressure and also the amount of water dispensed per wash. A microphone is also included that adjusts the temperature on your voice command.

Mushroom faucet concept

This pretty faucet pictured above has been designed by Fitorio Leksono. With this faucet design she brings to us the latest technology used for a faucet in a shape that is inspired from our natural surroundings. The ‘Mushroom Faucet’ is crafted in the shape of mushroom and it makes use of the contemporary triflow technology. This Faucet is round in shape consisting of two disks, out of which the inner one can be rotated to adjust the temperature of water. The blue dot indicates cold and red dot indicates hot. The design of the Mushroom Faucet is simple yet sophisticated.

Sur L’eau Faucet by Dejan Orlach

As we know that water scarcity is one of the major problems around the world. Keeping this in mind designer Dejan Orlach has created a one of its kind faucet called as Sur L’eau that target to deal with water scarcity. The water pressure is adjusted with its two setting modes namely the ‘push down’ mode and ‘pull up’ mode. The push down mode cuts the water flow after every five seconds whereas the pull up mode works for rather analogue water flow with unlimited time period. You can adjust the head of the faucet either wide or narrow water flow as per your need.

Poseidon faucet

Stefano Merlo has conceived a graceful design faucet named as Poseidon. The shape of this stylish faucet reminds you of three organic fluxes of water to give you cold, hot and purified water from the same faucet. The spectator would recall the concept of water and nature at the first glimpse of this faucet. The design of the faucet doesn’t lack functionality at all. The lower arm or the lower flux acts as a spout for the water flow. With the middle one, you can control the temperature of water and the upper one consist of a button that makes the water pure and fit even for drinking.

1Limit faucet

This 1Limit faucet is an innovative concept of designers Yonggu Do, Dohyung Kim & Sewon Oh for conserving the water. This faucet, which has the shape of a glass tube holds around 1 liter of water at a time. After this liter has been used then you would have to wait for the reservoir to be refilled. This elegant water-dispenser spew out adequate water required for washing your hands thoroughly. This clever concept helps in preserving this natural resource and helps the consumer to understand the value of water.

Anti-Waste Faucet

While we soap up our hands a tremendous amount of water goes to waste. For saving this precious water the Anti- Waste Faucet comes to the rescue. Junjie Zhang has designed this “Anti Waste Faucet” that lets you either wash your hands or lather them with soap at a time. This faucet integrates the soap dispenser with the water body. The upper section holds the soap dispenser whereas the bottom part lets the water flow out. On pulling down the liver the soap is dispensed and the water is turned on when you push up the liver. This way no water is wasted and the tap is also not messed up with foam.

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