Zig Zag Mirror reflects distortions and optical illusions

Mirrors can act as a great decorative piece while at the same time reflecting our image. Adding some fun to an everyday mirror and giving it an all new existence is Mut Design, with an awe inspiring design named Zig Zag. If you are a lover of optical tricks, them this mirror will definitely rev up your space in an appealing way.

Zig Zag Mirror

Zig Zag Mirror, designed by a Spanish design team of four young designers, will offer truly unique views and reflection of the space it dwells in because of the presence of 45 degree angle facets, a part of its modular design. The same mirror will unfurl a variety of views at the same time according to the way a user is positioned near it. Different pieces have been nicely placed in different angles through which various transitions or reflections are produced because of an eye-catching palette of color. This in turn is responsible for crafting optical illusions as well as evocative fields of vision. The mirrors are fused with each other at different oblique angles and widths, which gives birth to fractured reflections and further displaces the user.

Zig Zag Mirror

Zig Zag mirror puts forward infinite possibilities, which solely depend on the involvement of the user. The product is magical and comes draped in a lot of versatility in terms of colors and measurements. All the colors used have fetched heavy inspiration from the most loved landscapes of team members, which structures exquisite ascent of colors. The mirror doesn’t need any extensive mounting and once in place will bewitch onlookers. Zig Zag mirror is a great reflection of true human interaction, combined with distortions and illusions of course.

Via: Fastcodesign

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