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Appliances at the mercy of your SMS


I just love it! The fact that two students at Aligarh Muslim University, India have developed a technology that can help you control home appliances through just an SMS, using GSM mobiles. So, that means we can actually dictate our appliances with every SMS. Take for example, you are out at party, but suddenly you realize that you have left your oven on. Imagine the ‘mental trauma’ you go through and the speed at which you rush home. But, with this you will no longer be at he mercy of appliances. When you realize the blunder, all you have to do is, send an SMS to a GSM unit at home and rest will be done.

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It has been developed by two B. Tech. (final year) students, Abdullah Azhar Ali and Kamal Kumar Gupta of department of Electronics, Z. H. College of Engineering and Technology, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) , India as a part of their final year project under the supervision of Prof. Ekram Khan of department of electronics.

Via: Indiaedunews