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ARC transformable chair has comfort as its first priority

Most of us complain of a sedentary lifestyle these days, spending countless hours strapped to our work desks in office. While the thought of getting up and moving around for a bit to stretch the muscles may seem like a lucrative option, the continuous work keeps one stuck to his chair for hours on end. Luckily, here is one chair that can allow you to sit as well as lean on it, giving a break from the same sitting position.

ARC – The Transformable Chair

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ARC stands for Adaptable Retractable Chair. And true to its name, ARC is a chair that can transform into a stand on which you can lean on. The chair resembles any other standard sitting chair you may have come across. However, a small inbuilt lever in the chair will transform it into a stand on which you can lean.

ARC is a great resource for those conference meetings, presentations and group meetings where you would need to sit or stand continuously for many hours. It is also the perfect solution for those who want to take a break from sitting at the office desk all day without actually moving away from it in the first place.

Why is ARC necessary for an office?

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Studies have revealed that remaining seated for continuous hours can have adverse effects on the body. Some of the more common conditions include drop in good cholesterol levels, drop in rate of calorie burning, drop in the number of fat burning enzymes in the body and increased risk of stroke, heart disease, diabetes and even shut down of the muscular system.

ARC allows individuals to break the monotony of being seated for hours on end at the work desk. It gives them the option of getting up and standing on their feet without actually moving away from their workstation. It encourages them to work while standing as well, thus allowing them to break the hold of a sedentary lifestyle. And ARC manages to achieve all this in an effective, aesthetically pleasing and inexpensive way.

How ARC Works

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At first glance, ARC looks like a standard chair you can sit on. It even has a foot support you can pull out to get some comfort when sitting and working. When you are ready to stand, simply pull the lever at the back of the chair. The lever would release the seat to form an arc just like a sheet of metal would bounce back to its original shape after being released.

The arch-like curvature of the chair would allow you to lean on it, thus offering the perfect support for you while standing. When you are ready to transform it back into a chair, simply push down on the seat with moderate force to reset it to seating position and lock the lever.

The ARC is a transformable chair that breaks the sedentary lifestyle of sitting at the work desk for hours on end. In addition to being used as a standard chair, the chair can transform into a stand on which one can lean on while standing.

Source : Behance.Net