Awesome houseplants to purify the indoor air

We all believe our homes to be the safest place on earth, but sadly, that is not the truth. There are toxins in the home air, which can damage the health of your family members. While you paint the rooms or get a new carpet for the living room, toxins get released into the air.

flowering plants in dining room

Unwittingly you are putting the life of your closed ones at risk. Homeowners have become aware of the health damages caused by polluted home air that we breathe continuously. The only way to counter the ill effects of indoor air on our health is getting some green plants that purify air. There are several houseplants that can clean the air of your home and keep your family members healthy. In the following, the most beneficial indoor plants have been listed.

English Ivy:

 English Ivy

English Ivy a zestful climber but it also prospers indoors and in cramped spaces. If you have limited space in your apartment, then consider getting the English Ivy. The striking green of this houseplant can make your room look fresh and bright. It will grow and thrive in rooms that don’t get much sunlight or air. The green leaves of this plant easily absorb the formaldehyde present in your room’s air. The resin of wooden floors and dyes of carpets produce formaldehyde, a harmful toxin. By absorbing it, English Ivy can protect your family.

Boston fern:

 Boston fern 2

Another houseplant that can reduce the level of formaldehyde present in the indoor air is Boston fern. It absorbs harmful pollutants like benzene and xylene. You will have to take care of the Boston ferns on a regular basis. During the growth period, these indoor plants have to be fed every week and in the winter months they need to be fed once every month. You also have to water them regularly. In homes where the air is drier you can get Kimberley Queen which is another popular variety of indoor ferns.

Gerber Daisy:

 Gerber Daisy

If you want to introduce an air purifying plant that also looks good, then get the bright flowering plant named Gerber Daisy. It absorbs benzene present in your home’s air and fits small planters. The bright orange flowers make room look alive.



Azalea is a great choice for homeowners who like everything beautiful and feminine. The lovely pink blossoms of this plant can brighten up any dull corner of your home. It absorbs the very harmful formaldehyde present in the indoor air from plywood and foam insulations. If you have recently reconstructed or improved the basement, then put this house plant in there. It thrives in cool areas.



Another beautiful and charming option is the delicate Chrysanthemum plants, which can absorb benzene from the indoor air. Benzene comes from the glue, paint, plastic and detergents we use at home. You will have to keep these flowering plants near the windows because they love bright natural light.

Lady Palm:

 Lady Palm

The fan or palm patterned leaves of the Lady Palm makes it a stunning indoor plant. It takes some time to grow but the slow grower can make any corner of your home look stylish. You can get a lovely planter and keep it in any corner of the living room where there is sufficient light. It absorbs the ammonia present in indoor air.

Peace Lily:

 Peace Lily

If you have an understated sense of style then you should get the Peace Lily, which looks elegant and beautiful at the same instant. It absorbs formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene from the indoor air and keeps your family members safe.


Houseplants help in cleansing and purifying the air of your home and make it look brighter. There are plenty of options that you can choose from.

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