Baby room decorating ideas

Baby room decoration is an overwhelming task with more focus on the utility and practical usage of the space. However, it’s important to create a cozy and soothing ambiance for your bundle of joy. It is important to keep the comfort as well as aesthetics in mind while decorating the baby room. Decorating a room for the little one needs plenty of research and thought process before rushing to the stores to get the furniture and other novelties. Here are some of the baby room decorating ideas to help design the perfect room for the apple of your eyes.

First things first: make out what you’re in favor of

First things first. You must know what you are looking for in your baby’s room. You must have a clear picture in your mind in terms of the design, color palate and furniture for the baby room. You must keep your requirements in mind before finalizing a theme or design for the room. Be practical while deciding on furniture. Browse through the crib and furniture designs before finally making your decision. Once you are ready with the blueprint, you know exactly what you want. This will save you plenty of time and energy to keep hopping from one store to another.

Make choices for now and later

Babies grow up really fast. You must keep this in mind while decorating the baby room. Try and buy furniture that you can use later. Buying tiny or small size furniture will only be used for a few months. Although, the small baby furniture look pretty cute, it actually will be of no use once your baby grows up. Buy a crib that can be converted into a toddler’s bed. Opt for modular shelves to change it later as per the requirement and pick up a changing table that can be used as a dresser later. A rocker or glider can take a completely new look with an easy to upgrade upholstery or slipcovers.

Do it yourself

Decorating a baby room doesn’t require too many skills but it needs your creative streak, a bit of planning along with whole lot of excitement and love to do it yourself for the little one. Pick up some simple do-it-yourself ideas and go about it. Start with a blueprint of the decor. Paint the room and let it dry for a few days before arranging the furniture as per your choice. Add some small but endearing varieties to make your baby’s room a fun and bright. If you are planning to do it yourself, it’s better to research before starting. Also, plan early to you get sufficient time to decorate the room for the arrival of the baby. Ideally, the room must be ready before the third trimester starts. You would certainly not want to welcome your bundle of joy in a room with wet paint and a heap of boxes.

Decide what pieces are essential

When it comes to the newborns, parents want to buy almost everything or rather anything under the sun, but buying things erratically is certainly wastage of money that could be utilized on any other requirement. Also, too many stuff in the room will leave no space to move around. So, be judicious and decide what is essential for the baby’s room. During the early years, baby will not require a walker, stroller, buggy, swing etc. Do not stuff the room with things that is not required. As your baby grows up, keep replacing old things that the baby doesn’t require with the new ones as per the need.

Set a budget

With the arrival of a newborn, the finances will surely going to be a bit shaky. Don’t overspend on decorating the room itself as the baby will have far greater expenses than you can think of. Try and pick up cute yet affordable items. Look for sale and discounts for bulk purchase of bed sheets or linens. Fix a budget for the baby’s room and don’t stretch it. There are plenty of home decor options in affordable range that are equally cute and adorable as the expensive decors are. The idea is to give your angel a safe and cozy ambiance and it has got nothing to do with how much money you are spending on it. Be innovative and create a perfect space for your tiny tot.

Above all, think safety

The most important aspect of a baby’s room is the safety. You must keep the safety of your child in mind while decorating the room. The furniture should not have sharp edges. Make sure all the furniture pieces are steady and properly fixed up to avoid any unpleasant incidents. Keep the room clean of small things like coins, screws etc. Choose furniture with height so that the baby cannot reach the things kept on it. Also, don’t let the covers and sheets on the tables hanging low for the baby to be able to pull it down.

Buy used pieces

Buying used pieces for decorating the baby’s room is a great and affordable option. Look for used pieces in good condition and are worth paying for. Also, check if the furniture is safe for the baby. You can check out yard sales for great stuff for baby’s room. A little effort can fetch you great results in finding used pieces for baby’s room as most of the time as the baby grows up, parents look to sell out the furniture that is not required.

Use hand-me-downs

Another great idea to curtail down the baby’s room decor budget is by allowing friends and family with infants to gift the stuff that they don’t require any more. Usually, parents love to pass on the nursery stuff to other parents as they get emotionally attached to the stuff and gifting sounds like a better idea than selling it out as the stuff remains with someone in the family or stays in the close circle.

Complete your look with nursery decor

Once the paint in the baby’s room dries up and the smell in the room evaporates, you can start decorating the room one by one. Open one box at a time and move to another once you finish placing the first one. Taking out all the decorative stuff at once will create a mess and confuse you. Go by the list that you had made before starting off. This will save you a plenty of time.

Look for interior designer

If you think you cannot do it all by yourself, take help of a professional interior designer. If you can’t afford one then take help and suggestions of professional decorators through various websites. Browse through internet for assistance on online shopping as well. You can get a virtual design by the experts as per your requirements to execute it. There are some home decor stores also that will assist you to pick up right things as per your design and budget.

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