Bathroom Decor Trends in Vogue this Year

Just like clothes, accessories and haircuts, the trends in interior décor also change every year. Modern homeowners love to update their home décor regularly to get rid of boredom inside their living space. Changing the bathroom décor or adding a new element to it can lift its entire appearance. You will earn the accolades of your peers and enjoy the time spent inside the bathroom more.

However, it is necessary to understand the popular décor trends for making your bathroom unique and contemporary. If you are remodeling but not aware of the current trends, then you may invest in the wrong things. In the following, you will find the top bathroom décor trends of 2014 that you can use.


Break the neutral with some black:

The homeowners who want to make slight trendy changes inside their neutral colored bathrooms should go bold this year. Black is the newest bold color for bathroom décor enhancement. It can break the monotony of an all white bathroom and also looks good when paired with neutral shades like sandstone, tan or light browns. Use black bathtub, light fixtures and faucets for creating a dramatic and appealing look.

 preety bathroom

Warm tones of natural materials:

You can change the style and appearance of your bathroom easily by introducing natural materials in darker tones that exude warmth. You should use wooden long boards for the floors and use the same shade of wood for the cupboards and vanity unit chest as well. Keep the walls light shaded to create a visual delight. You may also use the more modern rectangular wood tiles for your bathrooms.

 Curves  in bathroom

Curves are in:

Straight lines do not rule the bathroom territories alone anymore, as the curves have become hugely popular. Use curvy sinks, bathtubs, partitions and cabinets. The curvy décor items compliment each other and save space inside a smaller bathroom. They also create a sense of drama and help your bathroom stand out from the rest.

 ledges beside the bathtub

Create more ledges around the space:

Storage is one of the most important functions served by a living space. There should be sufficient storage spaces around your bathroom. For creating easily accessible storage, you will have to build ledges. Build ledges beside the bathtub, below the vanity unit and in the shower room. This way you can more optimally use the available space.

 shells decor in bathroom

The Coastal influence:

This year the coastal styles are making a comeback. You too can give the bathroom a quick makeover by introducing some coastal elements. You can use shells and driftwoods for accessorizing and accentuating the bathroom décor. A driftwood frame for the bathroom décor and wicker accessories that matches it are good options for elevating the bathroom’s appearance.

 flower prints on bathroom wall

Bring the flowers on:

A sweet trend that can add more drama to your bathroom décor is giant flower prints on the walls. Choose any one wall for this purpose to keep the bathroom looking clean even after the new inclusion. You can opt for vibrant colored flowers like China rose or go for softer pink blooms.

 natural marble in bathroom

Marble and Onyx slabs for natural splendor: 

If you are not worried about budget and want your bathroom to look glamorous in the most natural way then use big slabs of natural marble and onyx. These stones offer incredible variety. The big marble slabs are pictures drawn by the nature itself. They can make your bathroom look exquisite and special.


Bathrooms trends are changing every year. This year a cleaner and curvier look is being preferred. Homeowners should look for new décor trends before remodeling their bathroom.

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