Taking décor the geek way

Geek is the new chic. Not only the geek look is cool and alluring, it gives you an edge over the causal look. Every person will like to wear or live in a place that speaks about his personality. Geeks are no different. A small piece of art or science decor that can represent their geekiness is worth spending some money and giving them a place in their homes reminding them what sets them apart from rest of the world. Here we have selected a few pieces that can establish that you have a geek streak in you. You can find these online or on in a local store:Periodic Table shower curtain

Periodic Table shower curtain

If you are a fan of the television series The Big Bang Theory, I am sure you always wanted the periodic table shower curtain. This curtain will be a reminder to you about your true self even while taking a bath. In addition, if you are one of the many who have their thought process working best while in bathroom then this can help you in resolving your chemistry problems. The curtain is of 71 inches square and is colorful. It is semi transparent and made from Ethylene Vinyl acetate and Polyethylene, which you may be already familiar with.

Star Wars Book Ends


Star Wars Book Ends

If you are a geek and a book lover, there is every chance you love the Star Wars. What is not to love about the classic movie that is more fascinating every time you watch it? If you are looking to mix up all of this then go ahead and buy this super fantastic Star War bookends. These come in various styles. Some with just the text star wars, others based on AT-AT Walkers from Star Wars episode V and some are based on scenes like from Return of the Jedi, Jabba’s Palace SCE and from A New Hope,  the Trash Compactor scene. There is also a Star Wars Imperial Seal bookend available in the market.

Star Trek Projection clock

Geek clock

If you love to be on time and do not want to keep on looking on your wrist repeatedly, get one of these funky geek clocks. There are many variants available in the market. One choice can be the wall clock supports the calculus. Instead of numbers, you will find some equations on this clock. Few more options are like LED binary clock, Star Trek Projection clock and Tetris animated alarm clock.

Computer Mailbox

Computer Mailbox

Yes, this may seem a bit old school to few. However, the computer mailbox is the most efficient way to let people know that geeks live in the house. It may also be suitable mailbox for an IT company.

DOS Directories Pillow

DOS Directories Pillow

If you still remember the time when we worked on DOS prompt and they bring you the good flashbacks of why you started loving computers in the first place then this pillow deserves to be in your home. The pillow covers are printed with commands and syntax from the DOS prompt.

Binary Doormat_1

Binary Doormat

If you are a geek, you will definitely understand love for binary. Go ahead and show this love to your visitors by buying these super geeky doormats. They come with different patterns that say welcome or any other such sign.

Robot light Switch Cover

Robot light Switch Cover

You need to jazz up your room then we have something awesome for you. The robotic light switch cover can give your room a feel that you always desired for. They come in different designs like mechanical or animated.

Mario Lamp

Mario Lamp

Who doesn’t remember the good old times we spent on our computers playing Super Mario. For hours, we would be lost in the magical world of Mario. If you want to reminiscence in that love for Mario again then light up your world with Mario lamps. These lamps come in all different shapes and design that relate to the animation of the game.


All these super geeky and cool items will help you to make your home to have a feel of what you are in your real life. They will speak about your personality to visitors, and can often make an excellent topic for conversation.

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