Best Gadgets to Turn Your Abode into a Smart Home

New technologies are flooding the marketplace and both big and small brands are launching smart home gadgets one after the other. The popularity of the internet and growing technology has made it necessary for tech giants to manufacture devices, which can give your home a smart makeover. Numerous devices in the market boast of being smart, but only handfuls are truly worth your attention.

 Belkin WeMo Light Switch

As a jet age homeowner, you would definitely like to turn your roost into a smart abode but for that, you will have to select your household devices correctly. Search best quality devices online or ask for the advice of someone who has recently turned their house into a smart home. In the following, you will find a list of devices and technologies that can enhance the value and utility of your home.

 Vivint Whole Home System_1

Vivint Whole Home System:

This one is a very powerful and ultra smart home automation system. It has a single control system but you can operate it with the help of the iPad app and web. The security and power saving facilities offered by Vivint are truly amazing. If you lock one door of your house then the system will lock the others on its own. The swift pan-tilt camera captures the outdoor image whenever it tilts towards the window.

 Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher

Whirlpool Smart Dishwasher:

This smart gadget will make your home life simpler because it uses the 6th Sense Live technology. This technology lets the users remotely activate the washing cycles through mobile phone apps. It tells you about the time taken for washing dishes and the energy used for this purpose. You may have to install a smart grid feature in your home for getting the full advantages of this system.

 Nexia Home Intelligence

Nexia Home Intelligence:

This flexible smart home system lets you install the necessary devices on your own. It is also easy to connect this system to your home’s router. It consists of security cameras, door sensors and door deadbolt locks. You can control the entire system with the help of iOS and Android app. You may install additional sensors by using adhesive tapes. This system also has a thermostat system for controlling the heating and cooling systems remotely.

 Belkin WeMo Light Switch_1

Belkin WeMo Light Switch:

Once you have installed a smart home system like the Vivint then you can install many other small and big appliances. These new appliances will be connected with the Vivint system because it obeys the Z-Wave protocol. The Belkin WeMo Light Switches help in remotely controlling the lights. You can both turn them on and off as per requirement.

 Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Deebot D77

Robotic Vacuum Cleaners:

The Deebot D77 is a vacuum cleaner robot that helps in cleaning your home without supervision. The latest model has some remarkable features. For example, the D77 can automatically empty its bin when it becomes full. It can avoid the obstacles in its way with the help of sensors. When the battery loses too much juice, it recharges the batteries without any outside help. This cleaning robot also has four wonderful modes for cleaning the different surfaces of our home.

 Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt:

The Schlage manufactured Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt is a good one for securing your smart home from the unwanted intruders. It has a Touchscreen for entering PIN and uses different volume levels for properly securing your home. You can maneuver the locking system with the help of its app. The app lets you open the doors but within 30 seconds, the deadbolt again gets activated.


There are plenty of applications and gadgets in the market that let you control your home and stay connected with it from faraway. Choose user-friendly smart home gadgets and systems for integrating all the energy saving and security facilities.

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