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Home insulation methods to save energy and utility bills

We often hear about environmentalists speak about degradation of environment and most of us, neglect what they say thinking the effects that they are talking about won’t affect us in any way. That is a wrong notion. Global warming, unusual changes in atmosphere, and growing respiratory diseases, are ill-effects of a degrading environment. These affect all of us, irrespective of the country or continent we live in. Hence it is the primary duty of all of us to protect the environment in whatever and whichever way we can.

 replacing your old doors

By following some easy steps, you can ensure that your home is energy efficient. One, is by replacing your old doors and windows with energy efficient doors and windows. Second, by ensuring that your doors and windows are shut properly when the heating or cooling appliances are working. Third and most important part of converting your home into an energy efficient one is by paying attention to the insulation work at home.

Doors: Even a small gap in your doors can allow heat or air to escape, causing extra consumption of energy. So fill in all gaps, even minute ones. Such insulation will also take care of drafts, if any.

 replacing your old windows

Windows:  Even energy efficient windows, if not well insulated, can cause loss of energy. More the consumption of energy more will be your bills and more will be the carbon footprint. So, do your best in insulating windows so that no energy escapes from the house. A simple option would be to have heavy curtains provided with a lining. Or else, a better option will be to have double glazing windows or even uPVC double glazed windows.

Floor: The best option is to fill in any gaps that allow escape of heat. Floor insulation can be done by installing an appropriate insulating material under the floorboards.

 Solid wall insulation

Walls: It is not just windows, doors, or floor that can cause loss of energy, even walls can. Solid wall insulation is the best way to make walls energy efficient.

Loft: Insulation of loft can be done by putting a set of insulation mats, made from fiber glass.


The above are some steps of proper insulation by which you can save considerable amount of energy. This is not all. Even after you are done with appropriate insulations, do give them a check periodically to ensure that the insulations are working in proper condition.

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