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Revealing a new and fresh trend for your habitat, Ligne Roset Westend has come up with the entirely new range of furniture. Ligne Roset Westend is one of the longest running dedicated Roset store in UK which has a wide range of furniture to furnish your house. The new range to equip your house is hailed as ‘Book & Look’. The comprehensive range of furniture features two basic elements: shelf units with deliberately thin profiles of vertical and horizontal surfaces which give it a lighter manifestation without affecting its strength. The range also includes bank of cupboard which has square shaped doors and these cupboards can be used as an individual or together with the shelf units.

In addition to complement these elements, there are low chests with drop-down fronts and optional internal drawers which allow you to hide away all the electronics. They come with the additional surface that can be used with the low units as an extension, either lengthways or at a right-angle. The back wall panels complement the home entertainment systems and also balance with your living space. The range comes in Gloss white or black lacquer finish and the price ranges from£376.00 to £965.00.