How to brighten up the darker rooms and areas of your home

Lack of light can make your home look dull and create a gloomy ambience. No homeowner wants this to happen and spend on good quality lighting fixtures and make window openings to let in the natural light. However, some rooms and areas of the home look darker. Tackling these areas is not easy. Maybe the structure of the house prevents these parts of the house from getting sufficient amount of light or the design of the house stops natural light from getting in.

Whatever the reason, it is possible to brighten up a darker room of your house with the help of some interior decoration tricks and strategies. In the following, we have discussed some of the most effective tips for brightening up your home.

 Paint the floor white

Paint the floor white:

Small and darker rooms are the most difficult parts of your home to tackle. One easy solution is to paint the floor white or using white marble or other suitable stone flooring. White reflects light and so does the other pale colors. If the floor reflects light then the room will naturally look better and the darkness will dissolve.

 lighting fixtures

Add new recessed lighting fixtures for dark ceilings:

There is nothing wrong in liking a dark wood paneled ceiling. Dark ceilings, especially the dark wood ceilings add more personality and character to your halls and drawing rooms. The con of this type of ceilings is that they reduce the light of your living space and makes it look like a cave. To transform such a living space you should take the help of recessed ceiling lighting fixtures. These types of lighting fixtures are also known as can light. They illuminate the ceiling but do not hurt the eyes. If you add a dimming feature to the lighting options then it would be more convenient.

 color combinations

Pick better color combinations:

Learn to use the right color combinations that brighten up your rooms. Neutral shades work nicely with white and do not promote darkness. To make your rooms look brighter use warm rust, camel tan, mocha brown, soft gray for your rooms along with white. Contrary to the popular belief tan, browns and white offers great variety to the home décor and makes the rooms look bright and classy.

 indoor greenery

Add some indoor greenery:

Indoor plants have a strange quality. They can enliven the living space and add some natural colors that are soothing to the eyes. Indoor plants are also good for reducing the level of carbon dioxide, formaldehyde and benzene inside the living spaces. There are lots of different indoor plants that you can select for your rooms like Chinese Evergreen, Pothos, English Ivy and the spider plant.

 lighter finishes in darker areas

Combine lighter finishes in darker areas:

Some homeowners prefer dark floors and dark wood cabinets. The use of dark stones and woods can reduce the amount of light in a living space. Light colored countertops, cabinets, mantle top and cabinet doors can decrease the darkness and lift the décor of your kitchen and other rooms.

 balance darkness light

Learn to balance darkness light:

Dark, solid colors create drama inside the bedrooms but you must balance the dark colors with the help of lighting arrangements. You should paint the wall or cove with the window white in contrast to the dark gray of the other walls. White linen on the beds will also help in brightening the dark bedrooms.

 Lighting Your Closets_6

Brighten up the closets:

Generally, the closets do not have windows but if possible, you can make a skylight high up the wall for letting in natural light. You can also use pendant lighting and accent lighting for brightening up the closet.


There are many ways of brightening up a dull and dark room. Correct use of lighting fixtures and colors can enliven a room easily.

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