Bring in a colorful lighting effect to your home with LIFX’s rainbow lights

Bringing in a new change in the house is always a good thing. When you want to give your house a new look, you do not have to make big alterations. Even small modifications can equally bring in freshness to your house. One of the best ways to incorporate a different look every now and then is by opting for multi-colored lights.  Playing with different colored lights every once in awhile will make your house look different and colorful.

The days of investing in individual bulbs are all gone. Today, various smart home lighting solutions allow you to enjoy this same benefit.  Home automation and smart home products have revolutionized the way we live today. With the press of a button, we can convert a simple home accessory into a new and innovative one. The same change is brought to the simple light bulbs of our homes.

The LIFX multi-colored LED light bulb

Priced at $219.99, this lighting solution allows you to use your smartphone to control it. You get various lighting schemes or modes so that you can change whenever you want. The user-friendly set up option allows you to use and connect the latest wireless technology like ZigBee. You can connect the WI-FI router to set up your lighting system.

The vibrant colors of the light are better than the ones you would get from Hue bulbs. They may be expensive but it is worth the investment. They come along with the companion app that contains all the necessary functions you need.

Display capabilities and Installation of the LIFX bulbs

The 75 watts bulb comes with a 1,017 luminance. These bulbs are brighter than the 600 lumens Hue bulbs and 800 lumens TCP bulbs. The LIFX bulbs have the capability of showing around 16 million colors. Even if you look at the installation process of these bulbs, they are a lot easy. All you have to do is screw the bulbs into the socket and power them when you want to use.  You can download the companion app that comes with it for setting up everything.

Performance and App details

This user-friendly app gives you easy access to the various functionality of the bulbs. You also get a color wheel that is easy to use, through the wheel you can make changes to the shades that you want. Along with that, you also get a dimmer option that is available on the center of the color wheel. This allows you to brighten or dim the lights whenever you want. You can also create customized moods to suit your needs.

Choosing the colors of your choice

You can select the colors of your choice through the LIFX color wheel. In comparison the Hue’s color chart selector, the color wheel of the LIFX is a lot better and larger. The app will also allow you to customize the color combinations and moods so that you can change them whenever you want. You also get a dimmer feature that you can set to suit your needs.

Mix and match the themes

When you download the companion app, you can gain access to the preset themes available on the app. You can mix and match the themes based on one single color or multiple colors. With these lights, you do not have to worry about being a bad painter because these lights will do it for you.  The elegance, playful and fun filled lights make everyday interesting and different.

Getting your way around the Smart home features and software

The user-friendly and intuitive companion app easily connects to your home internet connection. No doubt, the reliability of the connection depends on factors like the distance between the router and bulbs, the size of the house and the internet connection.

You can use the LIFX bulbs and app under the same network. Along with that, you also have the benefit of controlling the different apps with the same companion app. You can make groups and set your schedules as well as control the lights the way you want for each room individually or together. The overall performance is worth every penny that you invest. These lights give your home a new look every time.

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