Bring in the passion of Hawaii to your home décor

The beauty of Hawaii lies in the hands of nature, the clean ocean waters that show you the end of the horizon. The new paths paved by the volcanic eruptions, the softness of the sand on the beaches, the freshness of the fruits are all part of a beautiful Hawaiian experience that you can feel strongly. Apart from that, the strong rooted culture and traditions are part and parcel of the Hawaiian Islands. But the things truly add to the wonder of this beautiful place are wonderful Hawaiian home décor ideas. The traditional items of this beautiful place reflect the steadiness and skillful creative knowledge of the locals. If you want to incorporate a traditional Hawaiian them in your house, here are a few ways that can get you going.

Mulholland Surfboard

The waters of Hawaii is the magnet for surfers, well now, you can get yourself a handcrafted Authentic Hawaiian surfboard and place it on the wall to make the space more beautiful. What makes this surfboard special is that it comes with different kinds of wood pieces that give it a puzzle look.

Cool cabinets for your house

Give your old cabinets a new look by adding some color on to them. For this, the best colors that you can use would be orange, yellow, blue, light green and even light pink. The bright colors combined with the traditional wood color will make your house look different and unique.

The Hula Lamp

This traditional looking lamp is a true replica of the love for music and dance. A vintage styled lamp, you will get to see a woman or man playing the Hawaiian guitar in a beautifully conceptualized design.

Sea Salt and Ocean Tide Candles

We all know the soothing benefits of sea salt. Add the fragrance of the ocean to it, and it will surely blow your mind. Now you can light up your room with these candles and feel the ocean in the air of your house.

It is time to go lime

Lime green has a charm on its own, not only it is a vibrant color, but it is also peaceful for the eyes. Now you can have this beautiful color in your kitchen by purchasing some lovely traditional Hawaiian crockery with the lime color and uplift its beauty.

The planter shaped pot

This beautiful pineapple designed vase not only has elegance to it, but it also comes in various colors to suit your preference. If you combine this pot with a real plant, you can have Mother Nature add beauty to your home without your doing too much.

A traditional Hawaiian headboard

The woodworking heritage of this place is a very nice inspiration on its own. The hand crafting skills are deep rooted to the culture. You can incorporate this beautiful piece of headboard in your room and dream of Hawaii whenever you want. As they say in Hawaiian – Moe Malie (which means to sleep well)

The Hibiscuses printed lotus styled coffee table

A very prominent flower in the Hawaiian region is the Hibiscus, and when this is combined with the shape of the lotus, it replicates a beautiful sight. You can bring in this touch to your living room and it will fit in perfectly with the theme of your house.

Hand embroidered cushion cover

The locals of Hawaii are blessed with creativity and that reflects in their handwork on various materials. With bright prominent colors and traditional Hawaiian handwork, your cushion covers will make you feel more at home. The warmth of these covers lies in the finer detailing of the embroidery designs and the artistic minds of people that work on them.

Wallpapers of coconuts and pineapple trees

The Hawaiian region is known for its fruits, and since you cannot bring them to your home, you can incorporate their replica by using wallpapers that have prints of coconuts and pineapple trees. The charming looks, bright colors and beautiful design will brighten your dull walls and make them look beautiful within no time.

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