Temi Pesnal AI Robot brings order to your home

In the last few years, we have seen so many technological advancements on various fronts. From personal assistants to home automated products, you just have it all. Even with technology, it is heading into a new era where things look very promising. Well the last thing that was really needed was a robotic butler. Well, this is where Temi Pesnal comes into the picture. Introducing the world’s first robotic butler who is mobile, intelligent and does all your work for.

Time to get to know Temi

Marking the new beginning in robots, this AI miracle is a true innovation. Not only it does your work for you but it can also become a video hub, photographer, DJ and do just about anything that you want. With homes adopting home automation and smart technologies, this robot takes your smart home into a new zone of reality.

Your wish is my command

The very fact that you have someone (something?) listening to every word you say in exciting enough. But what makes Temi so different is that it actually responds to you even if you call for it. If you are worried about it bumping into your things, do not be. This is because it comes with the autonomous navigation system that helps to understand every inch of the house. The house is mapped keeping in mind where you have you sofas, the tables the different rooms and practically everything that it needs to know about your house. Due to this feature, even if you do call it, it does not bump into anything and comes to your smoothly.

You can live a hands free life

When you are working at home, the use of hands just does not stop at one thing. From cooking to cleaning to even doing the launder, there is so much that you have to think and do. Well, now with Temi by your side, you can finally get some good quality time for yourself. The body aches and pains of cleaning the house can finally be put to rest since you can sit back and enjoy yourself while your robot does the work for you. Even if you have heavy things to life, you no longer have to strain your back since you have a helping hand right beside you who will be glad to be of help.

There is more to Temi

If it is not enough that you have a helping hand beside you, there is more that this $1,500 personal assistant has to offer. To begin with, it has built in speakers, an 8 MP camera, and is also integrated with the flexibility to connect to YouTube, Spotify, Uber, Facebook etc. Along with that, you can enjoy a good video conferencing benefit to connect to those who are far from you. If you are in the mood to listen to some music, then just let this AI know and within no time, you can dance to the beats of your favorite song.

The bonding time does not take too much effort

To bond with your robot you do not have spend endless hours of configuring it. Instead, all you have to do is double tap the button that is placed on his head and let him know which part of the house he is standing on. Just like how you pooch follows you all around, even Temi will be loyal to you and will follow you wherever you go.

A technological miracle that is by your side

The sophistication of the technology used in the development of this personal assistant is remarkable. The camera, in depth sensors, built in features and integration are all part of the rewards that come along with it. You also get a companion app that comes with your personal assistant so that you can call it whenever you want without too many issues. It has the ability to teach and learn to suit your needs. The approachable interface even allows third party developers to approach its interface for better services.

The first lot of Temi’s will soon hit the market as the company plans to start a beta phase by developing 1,000 units. After making all the necessary evaluations, the company behind this wonder will take things to the next level to start the full-fledged production of this wonderful robot.

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