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Bring life to your walls by planting vertical gardens

One of the best ways of bringing life to your home is by having a beautiful collection of different types of plants. The garden in your home will not justify it, but it will also have various other benefits that will add to the wellbeing and health of a person. If you want to enhance the beauty of your walls, you can do so by adding a vertical Garden indoors as well as outdoors. Here are a few tips and ideas for a vertical Garden.

A beautiful Hanging Garden for your Patio space

This idea is perfect for people who do not have too much of space for a large sized indoor garden. You can use the walls of the patio by putting plants in such a way that they not only look decorative but they also become an extension to your garden. You can arrange your vertical garden in various small layouts or make one big design based on what you have in mind.

Using a simple chicken wire for an airy garden

Another way of making a nice vertical garden would be by using a chicken wire. This is something that you can place between two pillars or a space, which have a nice view. In this concept, you can use a mix and match to add the plants and flowers. You can plan your layout in simple horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines and hang the pots with a wire around them.
The mixed combination of colored plants

In this concept, you can combine two or more colors together such as pink and purple, or blue, pink and white, red and white etc. In this concept, you can fill your vertical garden by combining colored plants, which not only gives a visual appeal, but also bring life space where it is placed. If you want to give a tropical feel to the look then in that case you can use a combination of warm colors and add a lot of greenery to it. Another way of designing this particular concept of vertical garden would be by using boxes, which are painted in neutral colors to create an impact. But take care that you do not loose upon stability.

Create a vertical Garden using different colored leaves

Just like how there are a variety of colors in flowers, similarly you can also use various colored leaves and make a vertical garden design of your own. For enhancing the beauty of your vertical garden with leaves, you can also place a perfectly sized fountain towards the centre or on the ground and surround it with the leaves of your choice. There is no end to the creativity and conceptualization of using this concept and bringing out the beauty of a vertical garden made from leaves.

A vertical garden using wooden planks

If you have a large sized wooden crate or a few wooden planks, you can use them as a base for forming your vertical garden. For this, you would need to take pots and you should hang them by using a sting or steel wire. This is a good concept if you want to add an extra protection to your fence. Apart from that, you can also place them at the entrance of your house.

The roped vertical garden

This is a good idea to use if you do not have too much of space and want to bring in some life to your house with a vertical garden.  All you have to do is take a simple knotted rope and pots made from clay or terracotta to hang from it. You can also build your own herb garden and place it in the kitchen. With this inexpensive and beautiful way, you can have the benefit of your own herb garden and you can decorate your kitchen with natural elements.

The Aquaponic vertical garden

A blend of an aquarium and a vertical garden is a perfect way of going eco-friendly and having life in your house. You can have the vertical garden within the aquarium itself and various types of aquatic life and species of fish. This is a nice way if you want to make good use of an unused space. To add to the beauty of the tank, you can also put in various tank décor articles or even add in some good lighting to uplift the area.