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Carving a utility space and storage area in your home

The utility room in any home is mostly designated for laundry and storage purposes. However, not many homes have a dedicated space for the utility room. If you live in one of these homes, don’t fret about not having a dedicated space to do the laundry.

Rather, check out several other spaces in your home where you can squeeze in a little bit of space for the utility room. Check out some ideas here along with some tips on how to keep a utility space clean and functional.

Utilize unused kitchen spaces

space in your tiny kitchen (1)

Let’s say there is a free corner in the kitchen that you hardly use. This will be the perfect spot to create your utility room. While you can’t imagine placing the washer and dryer side by side, you can opt for a vertical arrangement where the two appliances are stacked one above the other, with some additional storage space at the top for cleaning supplies. You can also think of using bespoke doors to hide the entire ensemble when not in use so that it does not hinder with the kitchen’s décor.

Utilize awkward corners

open Shelves

If you live in a period home, chances are there may be some crannies and nooks in between rooms. These nooks and crannies can become perfect spots to set up your utility room. Once again, the vertical arrangement will work best in a corner. Consider constructing some shelves overhead to make room for supplies. And ensure the plumbing is done properly to avoid water running off into the home instead of outside.

Utilize space underneath stairs

built-in shelves

Most of us tend to forget the space underneath the stairs when it comes to creating storage or utility space. Given the fact that there is usually a lot of space underneath the stairs, you can consider setting up a utility room in it.

The abundant space will allow you to opt for a horizontal arrangement wherein you can place the washing machine and dryer side by side and install a corner shelf for cleaning supplies. Of course, you can always set up sliding doors in front to hide away the room when not in use.

Utilize a cloakroom or boot room


Chances are there may be a cloak room or boot room you hardly use except for storage purposes. Consider repurposing it as a utility room for the laundry. If there is enough space, you can double its function as a storage room as well. The overlooked space can also be fitted with shelves and panels to create room for storage and cleaning supplies.

Install shelves and boxes for additional storage options

Vertical Storage Options

Keeping all the cleaning supplies bunched up in a basket may not cut a pretty picture. An easy way to clear up space is to install shelves in the room. Floating shelves do not take up much floor space and can be used to store cleaning supplies without any hindrances. Another option is to group together a number of assorted storage boxes or compartments to hold all the essential items. This arrangement works great if the utility room also doubles as a storage or boot room.

Keep the laundry organized

eco-friendly laundry (4)

Throwing all the dirty clothes into a laundry basket may seem like the simplest option. However, at the end of the day it will create the biggest mess when you go about sorting the laundry. So keep separate baskets for the colors and whites. Utilize the shelves to fold and keep clean laundry so that you don’t mix it with the dirty clothes by mistake.

Use a moveable laundry tray

moveable laundry tray

This is a great way to utilize the available space in a small utility room. Without enough space to keep all the essential supplies, you can opt for a moveable laundry tray, i.e. a trolley which you can roll into the room when needed.

Don’t have a dedicated utility room in your home? Consider transforming an unused space, nook or cranny in your home into one. Also ensure to keep the space clean and functional by following these essential tips.

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