Cast the spell of Victorian era in your urban home with these easy steps

If you love the past and the Victorian era has always been your top most priority for its grandeur and royal artistry, we have a great home decoration suggestion for you. It will be a great treat for your eyes if your home looks like a cozy adobe of Victorian age too. But, you need to work on it seriously if you wish to make your dream come true. But, it is undeniable that incorporation of the right tips and tricks will make your home get the most personalized facelift and your guests will also get to know the love you have for the period. Let us share the tips that will help you to set up Victorian influence in your home.

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Select your style

The first important thing to settle down before you advance forward with your aspiration is to select a particular style you like your home to sport. Since the Victorian era is not a small span, so you need to be particular on this. For your ready reference let us tell you, the prominent genres of Victorian architecture are Second Empire, Richardson Romanesque and Shingle Style. Now, look through the details of each of these genres so that selecting your own pick becomes convenient.

Second Empire

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The genre, Second Empire, commenced during the mid 1800s. Its deep rooted impact was felt mostly in France. It is characterized by houses with mansard roofs. These typecast roofs are marked by the prevalence of flat tops that team up with steep sides, projected towards the downward direction. The windows are in dormer style and project out vertically.

Shingle Style

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As the name suggests, the houses built in this style are characterized with the presence of shingle-style roofs. You will hardly find any symmetry in the overall structure. This is basically the USO of this architecture that lead to focal curiosity. They are marked by the presence of capacious and roomy verandahs and turrets. The exteriors of the Shingle Style houses have little bit of textural decorations or carvings in wooden works too, in order to increase the visual appeal of the houses.

Richardsonian Romanesque

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It will be apt if we remark that this style of Victorian architecture has been revived from the Italian Romanesque of the 8th through 12th century. The houses built in this style impart a closer to nature appeal as the basic building material remains brick, stone and hand baked terracotta tiles. While uniform columns and round arches coupled with foliage-fashion carvings, window setting is totally different here. They are set in the walls and have larger dimension to let more natural light peep inside.

Colors for your walls


Colors are the most important attributes that set the perfect mood you wish to set up. Therefore, the Victorian era is also marked from the rest due to its specific color palette. Strong and contrasting accents are the basic Victorian shades. The most commonly used combinations include cool shades such ad ecru, beige and burnt sienna and earthly brown, teamed up with offsets such as purple, dark blues and greens. Dark shades are the fundamental color palette of Victorian period because they represented the moneyed class of that era. The reason behind the same was that the process of mixing and preparing was complicated and had to be done on site. Hence, the whole process required skilled hands and more investment, which was thus the property of wealthy population. But too gaudy and jazzy colors such as electric blue, fluorescent green, fuchsia etc. are also not the ideal ones for the purpose as the traditional Victorians condemned the same. They found that these shades looked too cheap and lacked the royal luster. Likewise, white is also not a convenient option as the color is prone to dirt and grime and becomes distressed faster. This is the reason the people of the Victorian age stayed away from the same too.

Victorian furniture


Furniture is the next important thing that sets up the right appeal in your interiors. So, select furniture that is Victorian in style and contour. The Victorian furniture features bulky look and has natural wood color. Intricate curving and structural detailing is a must in those pieces. They must be made from typical woods such as Mahogany, oak, rosewood or walnut wood, as these are the varieties used by the people of the Victorian period. They should be straight, but clear curvilinear detailing must be prevalent in them, especially around the head top of beds, on the back rest and underneath the cushion of chairs and just below the basic plank of the table top. The ingrained motifs on Victorian furniture comprised of leaf designs, human and animal figures, floral motifs and intricate hand carvings. So, shop for the authentic ones that posses all these features. They will serve as royal centerpieces in your living area too, giving it an instant life of royalty and elegance.

Furniture accents


The accents of the furniture are equally important if you wish to sport the right mood of Victorian era in your home. So, the fabric of the pillows much be made from rich silk satin or textured varieties like silk velvet. They must have detailing in the form of quilted patterns or trimmings such as silk tassels and intricate hand embroidery. The colors of the same must always be brighter, primary tones. You can also choose white or off-white. But, a pure Victorian look will demand eye catching floral or animal embroidery in contrasting shades to create visual curiosity.

Significant decors


The final touch you need to give in order to achieve a sheer Victorian atmosphere is to invest in some significant decors. Trade and commence flourished during the Victorian period, encouraging the world to come closer. So, the Victorians decorated their interiors with replicas of worldliness and globetrotting. You can follow their footprints and incorporate things such as Persian carpets, Cleopatra statuettes, jungle wildlife pelts, navigational tools and era marking maps and globes in strategic positions throughout your home.

Although it might appear really challenging, these easy to follow steps and our guidelines will educate you perfectly to regain back the relive the Victorian period in your urban home. Remodel your home and surprise your guests!

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