Ceiling that imitates changing shades of natural sun light

Sky Light


Most people work in closed spaces from wee hours of the morning till the sun sets in the evening. This leaves them yearning for fresh air and natural light. However, researchers from Germany based Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering (IAO) have found a perfect alternative to it. The team here has been working in partnership with the LED technology company LEiDs GmbH to create a ceiling light that imitates the behavior of natural light beams.

How it works

The idea of a ceiling lit up like the sky is quite fascinating. It will energize the workplace making it a lot more fun. It can even give a boost to the mood and energy of the employees. LEDs that emit colorful beams in hues of red, blue, green and white have been embedded on this ceiling light. Several such lights have been installed together to create an absolutely mesmerizing piece. The light comes in shape of square tiles, which measure about 20 inches on each side and can easily be fitted onto the ceiling.

What’s unique

A great feature of natural light is that it often changes intensity. The light brightens when the sun is up and becomes dim when the sky gets cloudy. This subtle effect has been taken note of and incorporated in this inventive piece of lighting. The ceiling light is capable of altering the brightness of its glow and this change takes place at an extremely dawdling speed. The change happening will never be noticed by those seated under the light. However, you do not have to worry about flickering jets of lights making you blink all the time. This is truly an ingenious creation for those who miss airy, open and spacious places outdoors.


You will have to shell out $130 to purchase a piece that can be affixed onto one square foot of area.

Via: Apartment Therapy

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