Classy luxury beds

With the amount of time you spend in your bed every day, putting ample of thought into its purchase is a must. Beds should look warm and inviting and should have a tranquil and soporific layout. Their make should be cushy and snuggly. Here are a few great looking luxury beds with a faultless make that you will be tempted to splurge on.

World’s most expensive luxury bed by Parnian

The first look at this bed will leave you zapped. Its craftsmanship is intricate and design is extraordinary. It has been constructed from expensive woods like ebony, sapele and maple. The upmarket retailer Parnian is showcasing the pricey bed in its Scottsdale showroom. A steep starting price of $38,000 will not be startling when you get to know about its mind boggling features and the intensive workmanship that went into the piece. The rustic bed has many hi-tech features like charging stations, computer monitors and a pop out swivel TV. The impeccable lustrous varnish and gilding of steel as well as gold lend it a grand feel. It also boasts of functional additions like in-built iPad holders, hidden compartments, backlight and an LED light on the nightstand.

Cosmovoide luxury bed design

The design of this out worldly berth has been inspired from an egg. The bed is equipped with hi-end mechanized features like telephone, home theatre, integrated TV and also LED lights on the overhead canopy. Although the frame looks unusual, it has been shaped ergonomically keeping the contour of human body in mind. The piece is real comfy and fits in two mattresses. It has been designed by craftsmen from northern France.

Letto Sound bed by Daniela Dipadova

This sleek bed with clean lines and new-age hues will blend easily in minimalistic or contemporary homes. You can order this bed in a size of your choice. In fact, the size selection offers 18 different dimensions. Music buffs and iPhone lovers will absolutely love the smashing piece. There is a docking station for iPhones here which can fit in different models of the handset. There is also an auxiliary port using which you can play music when you sprawl about on this bed. Manage the music notes with the assigned control panel on the piece. The price of the bed is also quite hefty. It can cost you anywhere between $2678 and $3800.

Marshall & Stewart’s Diamond Collection luxury beds

Traditional techniques and avant garde designs were employed to make this nifty piece that has a British origin. The hand lashed hour glass spring mattress makes the bed very mushy. Moreover, high quality natural materials have been used in its construction, although the bed has a down to earth and refined look. It is the Kohinoor lux piece from the diamond collection. Brent Cooper, a leading expert from Hastens, has helped out with its make.

Musical bed

Taking a snooze in this crib will definitely be a novel experience. Just climb up the stairs and plunge into its cushioned embrace. Due to the built in loudspeakers, designer Kaffe Matthews has rightly dubbed it as the Sonic bed. The melodious rapture emanating from the piece is quite unique. When you lie down on the bed, music notes pulsate through your body. Its design is based on a research project called ‘Music for Bodies’, which attempts to draw an association between architecture and sonic mapping of human bodies. The bed has a multi-channel sound system and electricity mains.

Karim Rashid designer bed

Created for Hollandia International, these bunks are modernistic and classy. Their cutting edge design will literally make dozing off on the piece a thrill. With a low headboard and enough room near the footrest, the piece will gel smoothly in futuristic and minimalistic setups. There is ample of storage space as drawers and cabinets have been built into the bed. It also has a docking station for iPods. The sleek design and dazzling colors give this bed an urbane vibe and a sassy verve.

Squaring luxury bed by Guiseppe Vigano

A Japanese styled squishy bed on which you can lounge for long hours. Their mattress is real soft and you can sip your morning tea on the benches laid out at the side. A low footrest has also been provided for heavy sleepers who stay drowsy in the wee morning hours. Place your book or a jug of water on the headboard provided at the top. The bed is available in 36 different colors, all of which are demure and soothing. The removable lining can be cleaned easily.

Contemporary round beds from Prealpi

Few things are as romantic as a round bed. So, if you want to shower sugar coated affection on your sweetheart, then you must buy this piece. Newlyweds will also be hung up on it. However, a round bed easily becomes the centerpiece in any room, so you will have to design the entire space around it. The regular straight and clean lines will clash with it. So, you will have to work up your imagination and stash pieces with fluid, flowy and curvaceous outlines. Dressers bearing a curvature, cabinets with rounded edges and retro styled chaise lounges are an excellent idea.

Stunning bed with luxury design by HiCan

This is a jaw dropping design that showy homes will just love to flaunt. The piece is not just great to look at but it also fits in hi-tech elements. Flexible architecture principles have been applied to build it. A frame extends from the four corners of the bed forming a hollow roof on top. The bed is clearly your den while resting as it shuts you off from everything around you. A wide flat screen has been fitted near the footrest to pep up your gaming sessions. Apart from gaming facilities, the bed also has a built in PC, multimedia system and reading lights.

Gustarle TV bed with Samsung flatscreen

Anyone who loves to watch television over the weekend cuddled in their bed will go ga-ga over this piece. The bed has a plain seem but is quite functional, thus it will be a good choice for bachelors who are always on the move. However, its headboard and footboard are quite trendy. The woody bassinet is actually a water bed, which can be touched up with several interesting details. You can mount leather in the inset panels or prop up a Visco elastic foam mattress on it. A 26-inch Samsung LCD TV and a Sony high definition player have been fitted in this bed.

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