Here is a coat rack that actually moves!

Injecting some fun in the simple task of hanging clothing items, like a coat, is designer Nicole Schindelholz from Berlin. A coat rack normally comes wrapped in a very dull appeal, which hardly manages to draw attention, except for the times when one has to hang or grab their coat. Mixing a bit of kinetic interest in the very ordinary design gave birth to the Respond Mechanical Coat Rack, which one can’t miss staring at with surprise.

Respond Coat Rack by Nicole Schindelholz

The extraordinary design has a very simple appeal, which will create interest as it becomes easier for a user to understand its working without having to scratch their brains. The technology will be displayed right in front of their eyes as nothing is shrouded under mystery. Respond is pretty responsive and will show movement when a coat is hung on it. The noteworthy product is nothing but a weight system, which has been amalgamated with an everyday item.

The charming mechanical coat rack can be easily mistaken for a complex system with a lot of gears. It comprises of blocks of wood that have been cut with utmost precision and glued on both the sides of a supple strip that can move up and down. This creates a snake like pattern as it bends whenever a coat is hung. The designer has taken carpentry to an all new level and has managed to keep the surprise element intact, which is what makes Respond a show stealer. It will stick out because of the curiosity the rack manages to create and will undoubtedly become a topic of discussion every time someone hangs their coat on it for the first time.

Via: NotCot/ Nicsch

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