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Color Glory: Blue bathroom delight

blue bathroom
I have always wished to have my bathroom high-class, stylish and spa-calming with nautical features. Aquatic shade for the bathrooms endows the aquatic energy in the modern and minimalistic bathrooms. When we talk of the aquatic shade the very color which crosses our wits is blue. Blue is the color of water and is also associated with the sky and sea, so it evokes the thought of the environment. The calming and cool effect of the color makes it an apex and universally popular color for the bathroom. You can’t go wrong in choosing this sea-inspired color for the place where you spend your time relaxing after chaotic exertion.

It is said that the colors have both the physical and emotional effect on your day-to-day life. Blue emphasizes the bath as the room of relaxation and retreat and also makes your bath space appear larger. You can add a long lasting beauty to bathrooms with the blend of different blue shades. Deep blues such as royal, navy and midnight blue are rich and add a royal feel to the bath space. Also, you can add a new touch with combination of blue with different colors like white, cream and ivory. The use of blue shades in wall tiles and floor tiles can also be another way to add grace to your bathroom.
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