Common and easily avoided washing machine mistakes – Are you on the right path?

Washing machines may make laundry quick and easy, but they also need proper care to keep them up and running for a longer period. Different people use different machines but they tend to make similar mistakes. Here we have listed some common mistakes that one should avoid while using washing machine to ensure effective laundry and durability of the machine.

Excess use of detergent

laundry detergent

Most people think that using extra detergent can make washing effective and easier. This is the most common mistake that most people make. Excess detergent needs extra water and damages clothes as well. Other than harming clothes, excess use of detergent also damages the machine. You should always follow the direction of the company or manufacturer to get best cleaning or result. Adding very little amount or huge amount of detergent can also decrease the cleaning performance. Too much use of soap or detergent can lead to bacteria buildup, so it is better to use detergent according to the load.

Machine overload

using washing machine

Overloading is another mistake we generally make when using washing machine for laundry. Loading clothes beyond the capacity of the machine can harm the machine and thus, its performance in the long run. When it comes to load, every machine has its limitations and it is always better to fill clothes according to the capacity of the machine. This is the simplest ways to get perfect cleaning without any efforts. Overload will trap the dirt and can lead to fabric damage or wrinkles.

Do not forget to empty your pockets

check pockets before washing

While using washing machine, people forget to empty their pockets before laundry and wash currency notes and other stuff in their pockets. Papers and other such materials can clog the water drain and damage the washing machine. Apart from this, when you forget a piece of gum or tissue inside the pocket, it will only add to the cleaning mess.

Filling the tub of the machine

Woman Doing Laundry Reaching Inside Washing Machine

People generally delay the washing time, which is not a good idea at all. If you keep the tub of the machine filled for long, it will harm the other parts of the washing machine. Do not forget to clean the dispensers and wipe out the detergent and water from the machine. You can use baking soda to clean the washing machine.

Make changes to the cycle


You cannot go for the same cycle for all type of clothes, as different fabrics require different setting or adjustments. Sticking to same cycle and setting can damage machine and clothes as well. You should wash dirty clothes in strong modes, while normal wash mode is enough to clean relatively less dirty clothes. You can adjust timings and settings according to the requirement and types of clothes.

Label on the fabric

woman doing laundry

Do not forget to read the label on the clothes as many people generally get confuse between “dry clean only” and “dry clean”. This can lead to problems like color bleeding and can ruin washing and color of other clothes as well. So it becomes very important to make sure that the clothes you are washing are machine safe.

Zip up

Zip up

Do not forget to zip up all the zippers and zips all the way to top in order to ensure perfect cleaning. If you will forget to zip clothes, it can harm softer fabrics or clothes in the washing machine.

Washing machine is a simple and quick way to wash clothes; still people tend to make some common mistakes that can ruin the laundry and thus clothes.

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