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Complete an antique finish with simple steps

Every season brings with it a new style in home painting methods. Sometimes, a certain color is in vogue, or in certain times, a particular design or a certain kind of wallpaper is popular. Though it is not necessary that you should go after popular trends while painting your home, it is good to incorporate some elements that would go well with your décor.

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Nowadays, there are many options in home color that you can choose. Today, a trend that has fast caught up is providing walls with an antique finish. Another good thing about the finish is that you can get desired effect and looks as per the color you choose.

Then why wait? Collect your tools and colors and give your walls an age-old character that they will love, adding a charm to the whole look of your home.

Prepare your tool kit

Apart from the necessities such as masking tape, sheets, paint rollers and paint trays, you will also require interior wall paint with water-based flat-finish.

antique finish Wall painting technique

How to go about giving your walls the antique finish:

The first step involves providing the wall with a base coat using the paint rollers. Apply a second coat too and allow the base paint to dry. It is not possible to reach smaller areas or corners with the paint rollers. If there are corners and areas where the roller could not work, use a paintbrush to complete the painting.

Once the wall is dry, you can start giving it an antique finish. This part is easy but at the same time, tricky. You have to be careful in using the paintbrush. First, take a small brush and dip it in the color. You can choose the color. The brush should be dip in the paint in such a way that half of the bristles is filled with the color. Now just wipe off the color in such a way that the brush looks as if devoid of any color. Now paint the wall using the brush.

Follow the up-and-down strokes and apply the paint lightly.  Your wall with antique finish is now ready! A tip here would be that if you want the look to be more weathered, then use the same technique as mentioned above but follow the left-to-right strokes.

Applying an antique finish

Getting professional help instead of DIY

Applying an antique finish to your walls can be done by yourself, but it is better to get professional services for higher walls.

Summary: A wall with an antique finish gives it an identity of its own. You could go the DIY route for antique finish on your walls, or better get a professional for a cleaner finish.

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