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Concrete Wallpaper lets you get the tough look for less

Most passive/post modern architecture is marked by its extensive use of man-made materials like brick and concrete. One of the advantages of using these materials is that they don’t need to be coated with a layer of paint to give them an edgy look and the bare concrete/exposed brick remains at the top of the chic list with most interior designers looking to give bachelor pads a cool makeover. Unfortunately, apartments or homes with existing concrete walls are hard to come by and slapping a layer of concrete on dry wall or a brick wall is painstakingly laborious, messy and expensive.

Concrete Wallpaper by Piet Boon

For folks looking to get the look for less, designer Piet Boon’s Concrete Wallpaper could be a real lifesaver. The wallpaper comes with a super high resolution image of a concrete wall that would fool even the most seasoned eye unless they come close enough to actually touch it. The wallpaper comes with a membrane backing with a top layer made of paper which makes it just as easy to put up as regular wallpaper. Since the wallpaper is constructed out of heavy duty paper, it stays fresh and new for longer and withstands dust, humidity and wear without losing color or texture.

Via: The Green Head