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Count your calories with the radical microwave

One of the common facts behind dieting is that more calories we cut from our daily meals, the more weight we will lose. Theories say that the fat is composed of calories and we can remove it by cutting our calorie intake. Our body needs a specific number of calories every day to function properly. According to doctors, an individual needs around 1,500 to 3,500 calories per day but it usually depends on your per day calorie burn, which vary person to person. In case your calorie intake is high, this will lead to various problems like weight gain. It is hard to calculate an accurate amount of calories in the food or diet we take and it require a dietitian who will tell you about all your quarries.


A common person cannot afford the bills and fees of a dietitian and it becomes an expensive task for them. In order to solve this problem, the USA based company has developed a latest version of microwave that is able to calculate the total amount of calories a particular food contains. Developed by General Electric Global Research, this prototype device uses microwaves to calculate the calories in a particular meal. This device travels through the food and measures the things like fats, calories, minerals, and proteins.

As the obesity rates are rising, diet plays an important role in the fitness of an individual. This amazing device can help an individual to reduce the chances of obesity and related problems. This make counting calories easier and users believes that this is the easiest way to cut down the calorie intake.

As the people are becoming more conscious about their health, the demand of such devices is also increasing. Scientists and engineers are searching new and better ways to meet the wants and needs of the customers. Even though the calorie counting technology has been progressing for past few years, this device is going to be a boon for the health conscious people. Already, a variety of devices in the market can estimate the quality of food, its types, and elements it contains.

 General Electric’s calorie-counting device

But, the procedure of those devices are very tricky and you need to answer so many things like quantity of food, type of food, and an estimate value of fat and calorie and you cannot rely on it. You might have to download an app and enter the food you are weighing, which makes the food quite inconvenient. Some technologies and devices can tell you about the chemical makeup of the meal and are unable to give a desired picture of the food.

This microwave is quite different from other microwaves as it can amazingly tell you the weight of the food, amount of water and fat molecules, and accurate amount of calories the food contains. You can find out the desired information about the meal in just few easy steps. The device also has a Bluetooth connectivity from which you can attach your mobile and any other Bluetooth device to this microwave. In order to know the authenticity of its results, you can check the same item again. You will be amazed to know that the result may remain almost the same in every check. The team is hoping to transform the device into a dome-shaped device from which people can check the elements of their meal by pressing single button. At this time, there is no indication of when it might be available in the market and how much it will cost.


Calorie counting microwave is a revolutionary device that enables the user to calculate the accurate amount of calories in their everyday meals.