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Curb Appeal on a Budget: How to Make Home Exterior Stand Out

Curb Appeal on a Budget

Just as you would replace old or worn carpeting, get new paint jobs for the walls, redecorate the rooms, and update the appliances inside your house, you should upgrade the outside.

A significant factor in selling your home or increasing its value is its outside attractiveness—referred to as its “curb appeal.” Some features of your property that contribute to its curb appeal include outdoor fixtures, landscaping, driveway, sidewalks, exterior paint, and more. A property’s external look can influence homebuyers’ first impressions of it and impact their decision to go inside and receive a tour of the place, demonstrating why curb appeal and maintaining a high-quality look outside is essential.

Boosting a property’s curb appeal not only helps homeowners sell their homes, but it also ensures people that their house is the best looking one on the block. Following the five tips listed below can help homeowners increase their homes’ curb appeal in cost-effective ways without a professional real estate agent.

1. Give Your House a Good Pressure Wash

pressure wash the sidingDirt, mold, grime, and other unpleasant substances can be a turn-off for homeowners and prospective buyers. Giving a pressure washing to the siding, windows, glass panels, decks, patios, driveways, and anything else you can think of results in a fresh, clean, new look that lets the property speak for itself.

2. Freshen Up the Colors

After giving the outside of your house a deep cleaning, consider painting it a different color to give it a fresh vibe and make it seem like a new property. Take it a step further and add color to the front door. It’s vital for the front door to grab a potential homeowner’s attention, as it is the premier entryway inside the house. A bold color like yellow, green, or red that pops can be ideal, especially against homes with a neutral color.

3. Redesign Your Shrubbery

Redesign Your ShrubberyTrimming away any tall shrubs that may be obscuring the windows can give your home’s curb appeal a needed boost. Doing so enables potential buyers to get a necessary full view of the house.

Another idea that can work for homeowners is to give shrubs and trees smart, aesthetically pleasing placements about the home’s exterior. This trick, in some cases, can help reduce heating and cooling costs.

4. Protect Your House with Awnings

Another way to reduce energy costs while enhancing curb appeal is to add awnings. Awnings can provide shade and lower temperatures, decreasing your utility bills. Adding these features to your home can help you avoid fading paint and protect your home from rain, snow, and harmful UV rays, especially if they are aluminum awnings.

Professional awnings manufacturers—such as Marygrove Awnings in the Chicago area—can install high-quality residential awnings Chicago homeowners know can benefit their properties. This company provides aluminum awnings, retractable pergola canopies, and retractable awnings that come in various fabrics, sizes, and colors.

Experts at Marygrove Awnings know that superior retractable awnings have adjustable pitches so the canvas tops can reduce UV rays exposure. In addition to residential awnings, this company provides awnings for commercial properties.

5. Manicure the Lawn

Dog poop may frequently accumulate on the lawnA well-manicured, neatly trimmed lawn can revitalize a property. It may be a challenge for homeowners with pets to keep their walkways and lush lawns free of pet waste, especially considering how much pets may poop in a week. Dog poop may frequently accumulate on the lawn for households where dogs get a sufficient amount of playtime in the front or backyard.

Some pet owners use pooper scoopers to clean up dog waste, but others may lack time to devote to the dirty work of dog waste removal. Homeowners can solve this problem by relying on a professional service for pet waste cleanup.

The experts at Scoop Troop—a professional dog poop yard cleaning service—warn homeowners against letting dog poo and other animal do accumulate in the yard. It may contain bacteria, parasites, and viruses that can harm residential yards and contaminate groundwater and soil. A professional clean up service can do a thorough, great job of adequately disposing animal waste and keeping yards clean, healthy, and appealing to potential buyers.

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