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Customize your furniture to your needs with SNAP

Plenty of times, we would have come across a piece of furniture that just didn’t seem right to us. We would have thought about how the furniture would have been much better if it had been designed a particular way. And we would have desperately wished for a way to re design the furniture according to our likes and dislikes. Well, if you are still having these thoughts, then SNAP may be just what you are looking for.

Designing Customized Furniture with SNAP

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The product’s tag line is ‘Be Elastic’. SNAP sticks true to this word by actually becoming a highly elastic and versatile tool that can make any ordinary furniture in your home unique and catchy. SNAP is a modernistic assembly system that allows you to design your furniture just the way you like it, and even change it whenever you feel like it.

Benefits of SNAP

So what is it that makes SNAP so unique and radical? Check out these points.

  • SNAP is Versatile

SNAP allows you to transform any furniture into something different with a different function altogether. For instance, using SNAP, you can change a bench into a coffee table or a TV stand into a shelf.

  • SNAP helps you create DIY pieces

SNAP does not need any tools and is very easy to use. There is no need to drill any holes for it as well. This makes it great for those areas where it is impossible to drill holes. It makes it easier for you to design and create your own DIY pieces.

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  • SNAP can change whenever you want

Got tired of the look of the coffee table? Then change it back into its former self almost immediately. SNAP allows you to do that.

  • SNAP is portable and adaptable

Being portable makes it easier for you to carry SNAP with you anywhere you go. Its unique design also makes it great for sides, corners or any other disorderly space with ease.

How does SNAP Work?

SNAP comes with a series of flexible portions and a cable to tighten them. The flexible portions would act as support to the furniture while the cable will tighten them enough to make them stable and strong. All one needs to do to remove these flexible portions again would be to remove the cable tying them together and simply unstack them.

If you are on the lookout for a way to design your own furniture with minimum effort and money, consider SNAP. This assembly system offers an easy and cost effective way to design your own unique furniture line whenever you want to and wherever you want to.

Source : Be-Elastic.Com