De-clutter your home and send unnecessary items packing

Does your house look overcrowded? Do you find it literally overflowing with all the stuff you bought but never sold or gave away over the years? If yes, then the time has come to de-clutter your home. The first step to that is to throw away all the unnecessary items you can actually live without. Accordingly, here are some of those unnecessary items you can dispose of without any second thoughts in order to make your home clutter free and livable.

Innumerable Dishes

crockery in pantry

Thing we usually stock up on are dishes, silverware and china. After all, what if 12 people walk in and you need to cook them dinner? That is actually a very big “if” to consider. Stocking up your pantry with dishes, crockery, china and silverware based on this “if” would only lead to a cluttered looking space. So get rid of the extra cutlery. You can always opt to borrow them from neighbors and friends if you fall short.

Cleaning Products

cleaning products

Almost every cleaning line you opt for would persuade you to buy different cleaning products for different parts of the home, which results in a storage cabinet overflowing with cleaning products that do not actually deliver what they promise. So the next time you go shopping, choose just one powerful cleaning product that would work well with all products. Better yet, opt to use a lemon and vinegar instead.



Face it! Although we seem to fancy all those elaborate knives the chefs use in television shows, in reality, we prefer to use the same knife for all of our cutting needs. So ditch the complete knife set and opt for only one or two pieces you would use frequently.

Matching Lamps

unique lamp or nightstand in a room

Sometimes we think, ‘Won’t two lamps be better than one?’ This question forces us to buy matching lamps and nightstands for all our rooms. Truly speaking, having just one unique lamp or nightstand in a room is better than having a pair of lamps that look just about ok. So forget the matching game and opt for unique, single pieces to decorate your home.

CDs and DVDs

hard drive

The world has moved on to memory cards and sticks. As such, it does not pay anything to keep those nearly extinct CD and DVD collections. Anything you want to hear and see is available on the internet these days. So load your favorite songs and videos onto the hard drive and throw away the CDs and DVDs for good.


Books headboard_1

Although some of us still prefer the good old books to kindles, there has to be a definite limit when it comes to storing books in the home. However, how do you distinguish a good book from an ordinary one? Try the following example at home. Take a book at look at it carefully. Is it interesting enough to keep you hooked until the last page? Has it been signed by the author? Or is it a book that you reread frequently or plan to read in the near future? If the book satisfies any of these three criteria, then it goes into your bookshelf. If it does not though, then it goes into the donation bag. Collect all the books you do not need and sell them off to the local bookstore. This way, you can get some extra store credit that you can use for further book purchases.

Sporting and Game Equipment

Sporting and Game Equipment

A lot of us tend to stack up on games and sporting equipment even though we do not use them very often. When de-cluttering your home, you can consider getting rid of the equipment you hardly use. Anything and everything that has not been touched by you for more than two years would need to be disposed of. Sell these items and save the money for better purposes. However, what do you do when you need these items again? Simple, just rent them out. The equipment you rent out would probably be in better condition than the ones you kept stashed up for years.


If you are thinking of de-cluttering your home, follow these tips. They would give you an idea of some of the less thought about disposables you can live without. Getting rid of these items would definitely make your home look spacious and clutter free.

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