Décor ideas for a vintage touch to your home

There is something about vintage décor that makes it thrilling and loveable. The timeless elegance of vintage décor has made it so popular that numerous homeowners are trying to incorporate it into their living rooms. Some people believe that vintage has to be county, rustic and shabbily chic, but the truth is that you can customize your vintage room as you please.

The vintage themed room need not look gloomy or shabby. Add furniture and accessories that speak of a certain era. If you truly want to give your living room a vintage make over then do your research and find out what décor elements were used in a certain era. This will help you recreate the magic of the past and give a personal touch to it. In the following some of the best tips for creating stunning vintage décor have been discussed.

The modern vintage aura:

 vintage touch

Comfy leather furniture in dark beige, taupe and dark brown colors paired with duck egg blue in carpet and walls will easily give your room a desired modern yet vintage look. This look combines the comfort and sleek lines of modern or contemporary furniture with the sophisticated charm of the past days. Floral wallpapers can accentuate this look. You should build a traditional fireplace and add a vintage white framed mirror on top of it.

The vintage cottage style:

 antique patina styled carpet for the floor

There is something heart warming about the cottage houses which you can incorporate in your modern urban living room easily. Patina works well with this particular theme of vintage décor. Also use floral prints in soft colors and pastel shades for giving your living room a classy yet delicate make over. Use pastel colored planks on the walls and antique patina styled carpet for the floor. Knick-knacks bought from flea markets and vintage shops can be employed as well.

Wood and white:

 warmth of wood with white walls

It is always a great idea to combine the warmth of wood with white walls for creating a vintage look. The warm shades of wood look beautiful against the peaceful calmness of white walls. Buy furniture made with woods in the same shades as the wooden planks on the floor. White upholstery on the wooden furniture will give your living room the elegance of vintage. Add vintage items or accessories that you have bought during your travels or from around the towns. You can use an old vintage chest as the coffee table.

Rust and rosy:


Use a brown and cream combination on the walls and ceilings if your living room is big enough and gets sufficient natural light. Also use rust shades for making the room stand out. Employ shades of turquoise and pinks for increasing the sense of warmth. For example, get a rug or carpet which has a turquoise and white print. Taupe chaise, rust and pink sofa sets can be used for creating different sitting areas. Vintage prints, patterns and floral motifs will also help in accentuating the beauty of such rooms.

Ceiling treatment:

 wooden beams on the ceiling  2

The ceiling is often overlooked but by utilizing it and decorating it the rooms can look even more eye catching. Create a never seen before look by adding lovely wooden beams on the ceiling and a white barn door. Neutral tones and muted patterns look great in such living rooms.

Colorfully vintage:


Vintage need not always translate into white and neutral. You can also use vibrant pastel colors and earthy tones. Reds, yellows, blues and oranges make your room look dynamic and chic. Get some nicely framed photographs of flowers and butterflies for the walls. Colorful vintage rug and different types of sitting furniture will make your room look livelier.


Vintage living rooms are in vogue but creating them takes lots of careful consideration and research. Use vintage rugs, furniture pieces and accessories to make the room look more sophisticated.

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