Decorate your rooms with the warmth of family photographs

Your home is the safe haven where you can be yourself and relax after long working days. It is true that homeowners want their home décor to impress peers and guests but that should not stop you from adding fine touches of your personality to it. Your family photographs can lend a personal touch to the home décor and enhance the warmth quotient. Family photographs never get old as they remind you of the happy days that you have spent with your loved ones.

 photographs RAIL

Whenever you look at them, your heart is filled with a sense of satisfaction and content. They say home is where the heart is and our heart is attached with the memories we make with family members. You can display and incorporate the family photographs in your home décor in several innovative ways. Here are some ideas:

Make a careful plan:


For hanging several photo frames or a life sized enlarged photo of your family having fun will take up huge wall space. If you want to hang family photographs on the walls, you will first have to make holes on it for nails. That’s why you will have to carefully envision how the wall looks with your photo frames and the particular arrangement you have in mind. Instead of hanging all the photo frames in one row create a zigzag style. Consider how the wall paint looks against the photo frame and if it is the ideal background.

Classic black and white:

 family photo (2)

Countless people are buying DSLR and SLR cameras despite not knowing a thing about photography. Instead of the edited photos, you should get some classic black and white pictures and group them together. You can create a collage of several pictures made and get a big frame for them or hand them separately. The black and white looks brilliant as it is timeless. Use some pop colored wall hangings and funny framed quotes to go along with the black and white photos. Break the monotony with small pop colored furniture or show pieces.

Horizontal and vertical:

 Horizontal and vertical photographs OF FAMILY ON WALLS

For a striking effect, get same sized photo frames and hang some of them vertically and the others horizontally for creating a maze like effect. You can combine photos of your kids with some photos of flowers or birds or nature. This will create a better visual impact.

Enlarge the best ones:

 Enlarged photographs

You never get tired of looking at your wedding vows photos or the first smile of your kids. Such photographs definitely deserve to be enlarged. Even a single enlarged photo can change the look of your room. Make sure that the photo frame complements the photo and matches the wall. There are some online and cost effective resources that you can use for enlarging your photographs and get them framed.

Tell stories with picture rails:

 family photo (1)

Do you want your guests to know how you have spent your life then create picture rails and get matching photo frames to tell the story. Accentuate this part of the room with wall lights. You may also think of creating a warm and welcoming ambience with the help of soft and warm color tones and beautiful hanging lights.

Utilize the staircase:

 hang your kids’ photos is the staircase wall

An interesting place to hang your kids’ photos is the staircase wall. Your guests can admire them when the climb the stairs and praise you good taste. Write a nice quote on the wall and make sure that there is sufficient light for seeing the photographs.


Family photographs are treasures that should be a part of your home décor. They signify what your life has been all about and helps you reminiscence the glorious days filled with love.

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