Decorate Your Home the Scandinavian Way

The architecture of a house and its interior decoration depends on the geographical location of the plot and weather conditions. Scandinavia is a country where the length of the day is shorter than many other places on the earth. The winters are hard and long in this country. That is why the interior decoration focuses on creating cozy and comfortable spaces and uses lighter shades to counter the lack of sunlight.

To decorate your home in the Scandinavian style you must understand the key features of their home décor and find ways of implementing them in your home without crossing the budget limit. In the following, we have discussed some easy tips for creating Scandinavian style décor.

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The flooring of the room is very important as it helps in setting the stage for the different décor elements. The Swedish people like to use light colored wood for their rooms. Light colored wood floors reflect light and make the rooms look brighter. Do not use large carpets on the floor. You can accentuate the décor by using soft and pastel shaded area rugs or carpets.

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A cozy and comfy living room:

Living rooms should be comfortable and the Swedish strongly believe in this mantra. Be creative and think of the Scandinavian landscape. They like their interiors to be closer to the nature and use natural materials like wood and stone. Get some tree stumps polished to use them as coffee tables at the center of the sofa set. If the walls are painted white then you should use tan colored wood planks on the floor. Sanded metal lockers or chests look great inside a Scandinavian style living room.

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Choose colors cleverly:

Use white predominantly on the walls and break the monotony using ash grey and pale, cool blue. You can also use pale yellow and other very soft pastel colors for making the décor pop. The Scandinavian ambience is cool but does not lack welcoming warmth. You can use darker accessories like rugs and a few pillows here and there to make the room exude warmth.

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Materialistic matters:

For decorating a room in Scandinavian style, you must choose the materials wisely. Research on their lifestyle and find out all you can about their building materials. Woods are definitely the most used element in Scandinavian homes. Pine and oak woods are most suitable. For removing the yellowish tint from the woods, you can use some gray oil. Make sure to use woods with minimalist designs. Elaborate furniture or designs are not suitable in a Scandinavian styled room.

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Keep it clutter free:

One important thing that homeowners need to remember is that the Scandinavian styled rooms are clutter free. Ornate or intricate designs are not used in Scandinavian homes. Complicated designs create visual obstruction, which takes away the minimalist charm. The furniture should have clean lines. The love for minimalism makes Scandinavian decor such a favorite of modern homeowners. Get rid of excess furniture and unnecessary artifacts. If you want to accentuate the beauty of the room then do so with the help of one or two simple yet striking furniture. A corner lampshade in a dark yellow is a good example.

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Corner fireplace:

An interesting corner fireplace can enhance the style quotient of your Scandinavian themed rooms. In an English room, the fireplace locates in the middle of the walls. A corner fireplace built with simple columns can increase the minimalist charm of your rooms.


Scandinavian rooms are all about minimalism and comfort. Use wood as the main decorative material and paint the rooms in white, tan and gray.

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