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How to decorate slanted ceilings

Do you want to convert the attic into trendy and classy room? Here we have unique ideas that can help you to design your attic into a bedroom. We often face problems while converting an attic and this often results in a small room and space. You cannot use small rooms for living and they automatically become storerooms. However, you still can make this useful as you can use it without walls constructions. This can add a space to your home, and that too without expanding or constructing anything in the building.

Light and dark combination

Light and dark combination

It is one of the best combinations, which can add style to the room. While converting the space into room, you need to ensure that the ceiling shod not look dark as it can make the room very depressed. It is always better to use a light color to paint the ceiling and it should be at least three times lighter than the color of walls. This will make the room to look lighter even in the low light.

Light effects

It is the best part of interior and decoration of a small room. There are many types of chandeliers available in the market and you can go for small chandlers. You can light up the room with these beautiful chandeliers as it can easily go with the color of the room and help to add beautiful light effects to the room. These types of rooms often have high vaulted ceilings and you can make the use of this and can hang a big chandelier in the middle of the room.

Accent wall

You can make the room look more beautiful by adding accent walls. You can add a bright color to the main wall and can add little light color to remaining walls. The shade of the main wall should match the color of furniture and curtain.

Add pictures

Add pictures

Instead of opting for old patterns, you can add or make cute pictures on the wall. You can add your own pictures and can add different patterns on the walls. You can paint toys and animals on the walls for kids and can give floral effects.

Skylights are in

This type of rooms often lack natural light you can use sunroofs in order to get sunlight in the room. Moreover, you can plan a window from where you can easily get the sunrise view in the morning.

Creative layout

Creative layout is very important for decorating the space. For this, you can use latest furniture and can place them in a creative way. You can add a trunk on the bed foot and can make built-in storage in order to maximize the space.

Don’t spend much

Don’t spend much

If you think that you need more money to decorate the room then you are wrong because you can manage all good things in your small savings. You need not have to go for expensive furniture as cheap but interesting things or furniture can also give the room a classy look.

Natural look

This can add a vintage look to the room and you can use the ceiling without adding any construction and changes. Its wooden and metal architecture can enhance the beauty of the room. You can match the furniture with the color of the ceiling. You can give the room an old-fashioned cottage look by using drapes on curtains. Moreover, you can use canopy bed to compliment the high ceiling. It will also help to create a calming and relaxing environment.


There are many ways to make the use of ceiling space. These tips or designs will help you to convert the ceiling space into a beautiful little bedroom.