Decorate the tabletop with style and substance

A lot of us simply clutter the tabletop without giving much thought to the fact that this piece of furniture is very much a part of our home, and so deserves its share of attention and decoration as well. Decorating the tabletop with vignettes will make the former pop out in an otherwise dull room. It would also help make the room look more inviting. So take note of the points you need to consider while decorating and placing the tabletop.

Location m

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Choosing to decorate a tabletop will have some significance only if the table is located in a central location in the room. There is no point in decorating a tabletop with stylish decorations if they are hardly noticeable from a hidden corner of the room. So choose the location and surface properly, making sure both the table as well as the décor items placed on it get the required amount of attention without necessarily dominating the room’s décor.

Vary heights and layers to create more visual interest

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What’s more interesting than having a couple of items placed on a table top? Decorating it with items of varying layers and heights, of course. Placing objects of the same height will not create the desired focal interest and would make your tabletop look more like a store. So consider playing with different heights and layers to create the desired impact. Spread them out in all directions and arrange them in different ways to achieve a look that reflects your personal style.

Opt for organic and living materials to decorate the tabletop

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Of course, the table vignette will look great with all those books, dolls and other stuff. But the only way it will achieve a sense of personalization and life is if you choose to add something alive to it. Placing a leafy plant on the table vignette will give the latter an instant life, making the space look brighter and livelier within seconds. However, make sure you don’t opt for too large a plant that would overshadow the other items on the vignette. Something small and handy like an air plant will be more than enough.

Not too sparse, not too cluttered

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A sparsely decorated vignette will look empty while a cluttered one will look noisy and overpowering. So stay away from both extremes and opt for a moderately decorated vignette instead. Look around the rest of the room for pointers. If the rest of the room follows a minimal décor, consider using no more than three objects for your tabletop decoration. On the other hand, if the rest of the room follows an energetic look, you can consider adding some more objects to the vignette to help it blend in.

Not too close, not too far

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Another pointer to consider when decorating a tabletop is the spacing between the items placed on it. While closely kept items will make the vignette look cluttered and noisy, items placed far apart from each other would look as if the vignette is not cleared properly. So try placing the items in different arrangements before you get the look that works the best.

Add meaningful stuff to the vignette

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Don’t decorate a vignette just because you need to decorate it. Simply throwing some stuff on it will not make the vignette become attractive or interesting. You will need to decorate it with things you love, things that mean something to you. These decorations will grow on you as well as your guests with time, and make the space cozier. So start with some personal stuff you like and add items you find interesting along the way.

Add a light

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Adding a candle, lamp or lantern to the tabletop will serve two purposes. One, it will lighten up the entire space. And two, it would make the space look warm enough to huddle into on a cold winter day.


Decorating a tabletop is not that hard a task provided you put some time and effort into choosing the right items you want to place on it, as well as trying out different arrangements before deciding on the best look. The pointers mentioned above would surely help you in the process.

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