Decorating around the TV: Smart furniture arrangements that work

Let’s own it that we love watching TV together with family members and friends in the living room. In most homes and apartments, the living room doubles as the TV room. With some additional peripherals, you can also watch latest movies and downloaded TV series. But, the obvious huddling of furniture around the TV can make your home décor look too predictable.

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Your guests may give a few smirks thinking that you have nothing classier to do than watching TV with family. You can arrange furniture for conveniently watching TV without compromising the décor in some clever and ingenious ways. Read on for some tips and ideas.

Be open to experimentation and make some rearrangements

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Suppose your TV is on the north wall of the room and there are big windows on the left sidewall, chances are the light flooding in from it will create glares. This will make watching TV next to impossible. Change the position of the TV from the north wall to the west wall and change the sitting arrangement from the south wall to the eastern wall.

Use heavier curtains on the big windows to stop the reflection of light. Another great idea would be to get a corner TV stand and place it at the south-west corner. Change the position of your furniture in such a way that all can watch TV comfortably without making the positioning too conspicuous.

Make the TV look like an afterthought

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For making this idea work properly, you have to show some drawing skill on a white piece of paper. Draw out the plan so that there is less confusion or doubts. A corner TV stand can make this plan work out. Create another focal point with the help of a well-designed fireplace, mantle and place a magnificent piece of art on the top of it.

Place the TV on a TV stand near the corner so that it doesn’t look that obvious. Some may not notice it because of the interesting focal point, which is the painting. You may also fix the TV on the corner wall with glass stand below. This will look classy and take less space. Such smart décor is appropriate for small rooms.

You can feign disinterest with furniture arrangement

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Another smart choice is to pretend as if your sitting arrangement has not been done around the TV placement. For this, you will have to place the TV above the fireplace so that it can be viewed from the main sofa. Now arrange to single sofa chairs away from the TV facing the center table. This way you have create a nice cozy sitting arrangement and can still watch TV when there are no guests around.

Two focal points and objects of attraction

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The smart homeowners know the importance of creating more than one focal point in a single room. This brings variety to the décor and makes it more pleasing to the eyes. One focal point can be your humongous LED TV and another can be a big aquarium on another wall.

The sitting arrangement has to be such that one can either sit admiring the fishes or watch the TV. Some people also take to hiding the LED by framing it to resemble an art object above the mantle. There should be sufficient distance between the TV and the sitting area so that the arrangement looks more natural and less made up.

While decorating your living room make sure that the arrangement of furniture around your TV does not become obvious. Place the TV at a height and keep the sofas at a distance so that the décor looks less cluttered and elegant.

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