Decoration Paths That Lead to Your Cozy and Warm Living Room

In winters, we crave a cozy atmosphere in our living rooms for it makes us feel comfortable and relaxed. Adding that cozy feel to a living room is neither all that tough and nor it requires a lot of money. Rather, all it takes is some easy changes. Following are some ideas that can help you create cozy and a warm interior in your living room.

Incorporate tall potted plants

Filling lonely corners and vertical height in rooms with high ceiling is one of the great ways to make a space feel cozy. You can add a number of voluminous plants to your living room and place them strategically, so that they receive sufficient sunlight and serve your purpose well.

Warm colors

If you desire lending warmth to your living room, you need to choose the right color palette. You need to get hang of warm colors and decide which ones look best in your room. If your room is too bland, you can add bright colors. If you feel all the walls covered in bright colors is not a good idea, you can go with accent walls as well. For an even appearance, you must pair wall paint colors with warm tones of fabric and metal in the room.

Warm light

Warm light feels more natural and helps us human beings to feel relaxed. It is in contrast to cool lighting that makes us feel alert and energetic.You can add shades to bright bulbs and colored shades to cool light bulbs for giving your room a cozy feel. You can also place dimmers on lamps to control the amount of light output.

Block cracks and leaks

Even if there is a tiny hole or a crack on the wall or a window frame, it allows heat to escape and chilly winds to come in. You can use a candle to check all leaks and cracks in the room and seal them at the earliest.

Long and thick curtains

Sheer curtains definitely look lovely but they fail to give room a cozy feel. Therefore, add thick curtains to your living room for making it cozier, thus, welcoming. Also, ensure that the curtains run down to the floor, even if the window frame doesn’t touch ground. Long and thick curtains trap the cold air and do not let the warm air go out of the room.

Soft furnishings

You need to add soft and warm looking furnishing to your living room if you desire giving it a cozy feel. Go for materials like faux fur, chenille, suede, wool and mohair. Avoid materials like silk and polyester, as they look shiny and feel cold.

Natural light

By allowing more and more natural light into your living room, you will not only make it cozy but all the more inviting as well. This is in contrast to dark rooms that seem depressing and not welcoming at all. Keep the windows and doors as uncovered as possible during the day.

Rugs on the floor

Open and uncovered floors for winters are a big no. You wouldn’t like to be scared of walking on cold floors. Moreover, floor boards allow heat to escape through them. Therefore, cover your floor with rugs to feel nice and cozy in your living room.

Personal décor

Adding personal décor or the objects that make you happy and relaxed can make your living room inviting. Have a picture collage of family and friends on the wall, go for a gallery wall containing objects and pieces of your personal interest and put objects on display that remind you of your blissful past. 

To make a living room cozy and inviting, one does not require doing much or breaking the bank. In fact, a few simple changes and additions can achieve your objective.

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