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Describe your Personality with your Home Design

There is a lot we can tell about a room or a house just by looking at it. Do not believe us, look at the room around you and think about the owner, how many personal traits do you find in this and how many can you relate to? Quite shocking is it not? Well, many such simple things are present in a room signifies the behavior of the owner. How do you make these out? Here are a few simple techniques:

Colors used:

room decor_4

A simple correlation can be drawn from the colors that are used in the house. You can relate to so many characters that the owner has by just seeming the amount of light colors and dark colors that are used. There should be an obvious sync within the colors of the room and flooring. It would rather signify random placements in terms of colors otherwise. It is often said that lighter and vibrant shades indicate that the person living is energetic and is excited about his daily life, whereas a darker shade shows signs of lethargy and dullness.

Spacing in furniture and design:

room decor_3

It is a common thumb rule that most people do not have a sense of aligning furniture the right way when designing a house. If you see a cluttered living room, you are bound to feel that the person does not have an exact plan to his day and is quite unsure about the planning done for the house. So, in case you are designing a house, always ensure that the furniture placements are right on target.

Small items give large messages:

room decor_2

The way you design your showpieces explains a lot about yourself. How you ask? So, let’s say your wall has a lot of knick knacks or souvenirs from around the world; it would instantly connect to the fact that you have travelled around the world and that you have seen a good share of different cultures and learnt about them. Here is another example, keeping a sophisticated or an elaborate bookshelf does mean that you are an avid reader and have been collecting books from different sources around the world. If you are a person with laurels, you would have a wall with different certificates and medals to show them over. Artistic interests are easy to see too, paintings at a home would be first aspect of design for creative artist. Simple highlights like this go a long way in describing the person you are.

Family images:

room decor

Many of us keep family photos or portraits to signify how we are together as a family. This goes miles in explaining our bond with the family, and how important are the family members for us. So the moment you align your best family photographs on the wall together, you would be seen as someone who gives a lot of thought and love to your family.

Extensive Kitchen:

living room_

Many of us may just want a basic oven and a stove to manage in a kitchen and some of us may want all the baking accessories in the world. This simply defines our behavior as a cook, and how important is cooking for us. A well-trained and experienced chef would have a lot of equipment in the kitchen, quite simple to breakthrough.


It becomes easier to design your house when you understand the things you want to highlight about your personality. There are many things that can be put across through your designs, make your best traits be highlighted.