DIY ideas to convert your old and broken furniture into a bathroom vanity

bathroom vanity idea

Sometimes, to bring in a change to your bathroom, you do not have to invest in something new. With the help of your old or broken furniture, you can bring in a fresh look. Bathroom vanities serve the multiple purpose of having an extra storage space and your sink at the same time. These are a perfect addition for any sized bathroom.

By making small and simple changes, you can see a significant result in the overall appearance of your bathroom. Remember no furniture is useless; it is all about improvisation and converting it into a new idea. Here are a few ideas on how you can convert even a broken table or chair into something useful. 

Convert your old table into your bathroom sink

For the rustic and farmhouse bathroom theme, you can convert your old and cracked table into the bathroom sink. In this idea, you can use the table as the counter top. Cut the design or shape of the sink right on the center of the table so that you can place it there. For extra storage options, consider placing a wooden plank / planks depending on how many shelves you want. You can use this to store your towels and various other necessities.  This idea is also perfect for people with small sized bathrooms who want to bring in a new look. 

The half table bathroom vanity

Instead of throwing out your old and broken table, you can still put it into use in your bathroom. Depending on the space you have/want, cut the table to the relevant size. You can place this table on the wall by using an L-Shaped bracket for support. Give it a new polish/paint job and your table is all set to be your new cabinet under the sink. For extra storage space, place in a couple of shelves or even consider using one of your old small sized chest of drawers and you have a new bathroom vanity.

Using old chairs in a new way

Got a broken chair? Now, you can get this converted into a small sized bathroom vanity within no time. If your chair has a backrest, you can use that portion for placing a mirror. Convert the base of the chair into the space where you will have your sink. You can use the remaining portion either to place a dustbin underneath or for a storage option. Just in case there is a leg broken, consider using an L-bracket for additional support.

Making use of your old dressing table

Why throw your old dressing table when you can it in your bathroom. If you have enough of space under the sink, you can place the dressing table right under the sink. Another option is to completely change the look of your sink area. Either consider placing a sink bowl on the counter part of the dressing table or make a hole on the center and place the sink inside it. Either way, your new bathroom vanity will look good. 

Reusing your old kitchen furniture

kitchen-furnitureIf you have recently remodeled your kitchen and still have some left over wood, you can convert it into a customized bathroom vanity. You can design it in various ways depending on how you want the style to be. In case you have extra cabinets that you no longer use, you can make use of them.

Using side tables for your bathroom

Put your old side tables into use by converting it into a bathroom vanity. To bring in the height, you can consider placing a bigger table. Another way to work around this is to use brackets to hold the table in place and create a wall mount bathroom furniture. Under it, you can place anything that you want. Something like your old food trolley for the storage space or even a small sized cabinet will be the best choice.

The step-look or layered bathroom vanity idea

bathroom vanity idea

Just in case you have various tables of different sizes that are broken or just lying around, use them to create a layered look for your bathroom. You can use the extra space to decorate your space or even place some basic essentials.

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