Dorm room design ideas that can save space and still be cool

Gone are the days when decorating a dorm room meant getting a huge poster and arranging a shelf. Décor options have been redefined, especially for small spaces. Design savvy college students can now completely transform their dorm rooms to reflect their personality and create a space where they can sleep, relax, study, and entertain as well. Here are some of the most small-space oriented designing ideas for dorm rooms that have an extra edge of being super stylish as well.

Using multifunctional furniture


The biggest asset to management in a small space is when you have furniture that serves more than one purpose. Demand more from your dorm room’s furniture and buy a pouf that can double as a table or a seat and an ottoman that can provide you with some much needed extra storage space.

Organize your closet

When the rooms are tiny you cannot expect the closet to be your personal palace, but a great way to fit everything in without making it look like a messy pile of clothes is organization. You can buy racks for coats and shoes that look chic and match your décor style. Organizational and storage items that can double up as furniture are easily available at Ikea

The space under your bed


Kick those monsters that hide under you bed out to utilize the space for storage. After you have measured the height and width of your bed, you can manage storage units under the beds easily. If you wish to expand the space, you can buy bed lifts to push your bed higher and create more space. Many dorm beds already have bed lifts installed so ask the authorities before you buy one. You can cover this storage area with linen and fabric to keep the room looking organized and neat.

Use shelves

Dorm rooms may have limitations about nailing things to the wall, but many simple installations for shelves can be bought at local stores. Use the empty corners of your dorm room for displaying your favorite book collection and some framed pictures of your family and friends. The space above your bed can be used for storage too with over-bed shelves.

Personalize your space


Making a photo garland to display some of your happiest moments, use the back of your desk for displaying some pictures of you or just use a brightly colored wallpaper to bring that backsplash to life. You can decorate doorways with washi tape in bright colors and simply peel it off at the end of the semester. Add a vinyl calendar to your door and fill it with schedules, inspirational quotes and messages to your roommate.

Loft your bed

Some dorms may have high ceilings and provide you with an opportunity to loft your bed. By utilizing the high ceiling, you will create a new space at the ground level that can be used in myriad ways. You can use this new space as a seating place for when you have visitors.

Shower Hooks on hangers

Utilizing your closet space to the maximum in a neat and organized way has been made super easy with this amazing hack. Use shower hooks on your regular hangers and use this hooks to hold your folded clothes. This way a single hanger can hold multiple clothes without making the closet appear disorganized and shabby.

Use a flip chair

Many stores offer chairs and couches that can be pulled open to form comfortable beds. Use these for seating, and pull out the extra beds in cases of sleepovers.

Your dorm room is the place where you will spend a lot of your time in college. To make sure your time is as productive as you dream it to be, this space has to be organized, neat, and comfortable for you to work and study.

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