E-spatula makes inspecting a patient’s mouth easier

Let face it, no one like it when physicians ask them to
stick their tongues out. Most GPs like to only throw some light on your tongue
with a small torch and be done with it but the most thorough and meticulous of
them use the dreaded tongue depressor to get a better look into your mouth and
throat which can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and even trigger the gag reflex
at times.

This is where we should be thankful for the
conceptualization of the E-spatula. Created by designers Qiao Song, Xu Kun, Wu
Bei, Tang Ya and Bao Haimo, the device is intended to be used as a primary health
examination device that can get your temperature and work as a light and a tongue
depressor at the same time.

This allows GPs to get a really good and targeted look at the
region of the mouth which is usually quite difficult to illuminate through regular
small torch lights. The built in light also allows the doctor to get a closer
look at the tongue and the back of the mouth and they can also use the device
to inspect the patient’s teeth and roofs of their mouths with ease.

When the spatula is pressed on the tongue, the central light
automatically switches on while the thermometer sensors begin registering your
body temperature. The device is meant to be used with a single use silicone
shell that would prevent the need for chemical disinfection after every use.

Also, the shells come pre-fitted into the base which allows them
to be fitted automatically onto the device when it is pressed into its base. These
silicone shells can also be easily recycled which reduced medical waste. The E-spatula
won the 2012design concept award at the prestigious Red Dot Awards.

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