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Easy and affordable tips that make your lawn pretty and fruitful

A lawn or garden is a very valuable asset to every homeowner. It enhances the beauty and the property value of the house, and affords rewarding hobbies for the homeowner. Having a beautiful and attractive landscape requires a great dedication and above all a great amount of money. Negligence towards the maintenance of your landscape therefore is very hazardous as it can ruin the beauty of your lawn making it appear extremely untidy. Hence, in order to help you avoid such negligence, here we are with some expert tips on lawn care and maintenance.

Keep it clean

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Maintaining the cleanliness of your lawn is the basic and the most essential step to provide it a long lasting beauty and elegance. Dead leaves, dirt and dust that get accumulated over the time are extremely hard to clean and it is time consuming too. Hence, it is suggested that you clean your garden regularly by sweeping and removing unwanted materials.

Inspect the plants and water them regularly


To have a healthy lawn, you should check for any signs of plant diseases that can damage the health of the plants. It is essential to detach dried and diseased plant parts to avoid spreading of the disease. The plant growth is best when supplemented with proper irrigation. Plants should not be over or under watered whereas the best time to water plants is early in the morning and late in the evening. Using drip irrigation to water trees, plants and shrubs would save a large amount of water every day.

Prune and shape up plants, trees and shrubs

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Regular pruning is another important thing required to maintain the beauty of a landscape. For trees, it is better that you prune them during spring or summer depending on their flowering season, once they have finished flowering. On the other hand, deciduous trees and shrubs can be pruned anytime during the year. In case of vines and shrubs, some need to be trimmed to the ground while others might require only removal or dead and overgrown branches. This will make your garden perfectly groomed.

Do not harm the earthworms

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Earthworms in the soil are a sign of the good health of the soil. You should maintain the fertility of your garden soil by regularly applying compost, manure, pine needles, dried and dead leaves. This would enhance the health of your garden plants.

Take care of water features

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Water features are an important garden accessory that adds to the attraction and beauty of a lawn. Hence, maintaining your lawn also means maintaining and taking care of your water features to see that they are working properly. Remove algae and leaves and clean the filters regularly. If the water is static, clean the water feature before replacing the water whereas for ponds you should have fishes, marine plants, rocks along with proper pumps and filters.

Mulch makeover

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Mulching is the best way to provide your lawn an instant touch up. It adds a beautiful contrast to the garden that is really eye catching. Applying layer of mulch around your plants will reduce the rate of evaporation and reduce the soil temperature. Mulch also helps in preventing the growth of weeds.

Weather based smart controller

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A weather based smart controller is a device used for watering plants automatically after set intervals of time. This way you will save water as well as you can water the plants even without being there.

Plant drought resistant species in your lawn

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These plants are perfect to be grown in places with mild winters and dry summers. They require easy maintenance, less amount of water and less fertilization too.


Have a fabulous lawn. All it requires is some good practices and perseverance on your part.