Easy to create budget-friendly outdoor decor ideas

If you don’t have serious cash to blow on outdoor décor, you can always use bits and pieces found in your home to create a fabulous outdoor decorations. We tell you five brilliant ways in which you can revamp your outdoor spaces for less.

1. Flower beds and planters

If you have a green thumb or can manage simply gardening tasks like watering and weeding, flower beds may be the outdoor decoration solution best suited to you. you can convert old plastic containers into colorful planters or simply create flower beds to add flowers to your exterior landscape.


2. Rock Garden

You can use the boulders and rocks littered aimlessly in your garden to create a more organized look. From using bigger boulders as landscape features to using smaller rocks to highlight certain plants and trees, the use of natural decor items in nearly endless.


3. Improve a canopy

If you have a permanent seating area in your outdoor space, propping a makeshift canopy over it might be just the sprucing up the space needs. You can use ropes and poles to secure the canopy in place while adding lightweight fabrics to its edges will create a romantic space.


4. Old furniture

Instead of chucking old furniture to the curb, you can always spruce it up with a fresh coat of paint, throw some new pillows and covers on them and let them work their fax-antique magic on your outdoor space.


5. Old junk as decoration

Almost every bit of junk sitting in your attic and garage can be used as a decorative item for your outdoor space. Use colorful jars and bottles as over sized tree ornaments and turn anything with a shallow interior into a surprising planter. Just remember to give everything a coat of bright color to make it ‘pop’ against the natural backdrop.


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