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Go eco friendly way: Spice up your home decor

Get inspired by nature for your home decor

Want to spice up your home decor? Get inspired by nature and add some color to your life. Get yourself equipped with the following gorgeous inspirations and get an air of chic to your lovely den.

Lively living room

Floral prints are always a lure to the nature lover. Team them up with a backdrop of cushions. The green base of the cushions can add to the natural flavor. The old pieces of furniture, which can include an armchair or a couch can be decorated with these cushions. These would give an extra edge to your living room. And, don’t forget to get the cushions filled up with cotton. They would fulfill your desire to save the environment. Maintain a balance with the walls painted in neutral colors and bold accessories made from recycled materials. Make your living room bright with a splash of colorful table lamp in the shape of a mermaid and enjoy the beach theme with an aquarium filled with pebbles and colorful fishes.

Dainty décor for the dressy dining space

Color one of the walls of your dining space in olive green and the chairs can be painted in black to create a sharp contrast. The legs of the wooden table can be shaped like the stems of a gnarled oak tree. The other walls can be painted in soft pastels. Go green with the earthen pots holding beautiful shrubs and plants. The centerpiece can be in the shape of a fruit, which would hold the cutlery and the dining plates and bowls can be of different colors and shapes to create an ambiance of nature’s charisma.

Beautification of your kitchen with greenery

Jazz up the dull corners of your kitchen with bright greenery of plants saved in the painted pots. The tiles at the back of your countertops can be painted with the pictures of different kinds of vegetables and fruits. The luscious fruits can be an appetizer before the food is served on the dining table. The kitchen cupboards can be painted with light green color and the countertop can have a woody finish to inspire the nature’s aroma. The countertop can be made of recycled steel or recycled paper. This would make your kitchen safe from environmental hazards. The floor of the kitchen should be made from bamboo wood or cork. This can make your kitchen eco-friendly.

Dreamy bedroom with a rich lavish feel

The soft blue color of the wall can heighten the charm of your bedroom. Introduce the embellished textures and designs in your white bedspread, cushions and furniture. The wallpapers with beautiful winter scenes can be used to produce a dreamy effect and add a silky tone to your bedroom with a soft-filtered lamp. The color of the curtains should be white or light pink creating a magical effect in winter, but in summer, they must be heavy and dark to protect you from the scorching heat. The material for the window shutters or blinds should be organic so that you can maintain a lasting bond between you and nature.

Branding bathroom with striking eco-friendly accessories

Define the shower area with specific tiles and transform the feel of your bathroom with striking wall papers. Sometimes you can feel the autumn tone with the golden yellow color and if you wish to enjoy the spring season, brighten up your mood with fresh flowers in the flower vases, placed in the corner of your bathroom. The scented candles with various colors and scents look and smell awesome and the colorful bathmats cover the floor area in an elegant way. The mirror adds a touch of sparkle and the illusion of space created by the mirror makes you crazy.

Eco-friendly soaps and woolen bathroom mats

Buy eco-friendly soaps for cleaning your body and the house as well. Use eco-friendly soap to clean the utensils, which are used in the kitchen. Never go for the bathroom mats, which are made of plastic. The cotton or woolen bath mats are safe from environmental hazards. Place a bamboo tree in the corner of the bathroom to get rid of the Co2.

Making use of recycled materials for lighting fixtures

There are various recycled materials, which are made from plastic utensils, parts of bicycle, cans or tins. The fixtures made from these recycled materials are eco-friendly and can be used without any fear of damaging the earth. So give a glittering effect to your house with these fixtures and glow with the glamour of dazzling green.

Eco-friendly paints for your house

Use paints, which are eco friendly. Paints, which are VOC free and are non flammable should be used for painting. Chalk, milk and soy paints can also be used because they are crystalline-silica free and don’t possess the chemicals, which are harmful for environment.

Using pinecones to prepare different types of home décor items

Pinecones can be used for various reasons. They can be used as candle-holders or they can be used for candle itself. Use them to decorate your kitchen or dining table. You can also make a photo frame from a pinecone.

So what are you up to? Feel safe with all these eco-friendly inspirations and strike up a friendship with Nature .

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