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Enjoy a sensuous, spa-like experience with Hastings’ bathtubs

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The tubs are grand damne of your bath space other than the showers. With the use of creative material and the shapes, these bathtubs make your bathing a breathtaking experience. To cast a spell of opulent bathing experience, here is range of bathtub from Hastings. The range comprises elegant bathtubs that will compel you to immerse in bliss never before. Hastings, Atmosfere Collection is simple in shape and design, and makes use of eco-friendly polymineral composite material.

The bathtub’s glossy exterior and the matte and silky interior combine to make the Atmosfere a contemporary must-have. The round tub is 47 inches bathrooms, and the rectangular tub saves space and can be placed either in the center of the bathroom or flush against the wall. The polyresin material allows the tubs to be thinner than, and also durable like porcelain. Chelsea is a sweet tub perfect for rooms that want a lighter feel without compromising design. With the smooth, sensuous, exotic, and like silk they feel wonderful and look beautiful.

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chelsea tub

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