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Essential steps to consider when installing kitchen countertops

Essential steps to consider when installing kitchen countertops

Do you want to upgrade your kitchen so that it matches with the latest trends? Are you planning to install kitchen countertops? If yes, then you will have to hire the service of a professional who can help you in accomplishing the work. Homeowners who have done this kind of work in the past can install countertops with ease. Before you decide to purchase countertops, it is important to calculate the depth of the cabinets so that they are of the correct size and fits perfectly. You need to know that prefabricated countertops come from factory according to your choice of size and color so that you can install it by yourself.


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Some steps to consider when installing countertops

Check out some steps you need to follow for installing countertops in the kitchen.

Slither countertops on top of floor cabinets – You will have to slither countertop on the top of floor cabinet till the border is against the divider. You will have to set a range so
that there is enough space of around1/4 inch between two ends. After this, you need to set
the pointer against the wall and pen against the top of countertop. Then you will have to pull compass next to the wall by creating a mark on countertop. This is called scribing which enables you to remove space between countertop and wall.

Remove countertop from cabinets – You will have to remove Caesarstone countertops from the cabinets and then place it on a firm work surface. Switch on a belt sander and leave the surface against the countertops edge. Trim countertop along the line you have drawn so that it sits comfortably against the wall.

Place countertop on kitchen cabinets – You need to set the sink upturned on the countertop. If the sink has a template, then you can put it on the countertop. Amend its
placement so that the center is aligned with cabinets’ center below and the front edge fits
within the cabinet frame. You may use a pen or pencil to draw around the template or sink.

Remove countertop from base cabinets – You will have to remove countertop from the base of cabinet and put it on firm work surface. Bore a hole of 1/2-inch in every corner of sink hole and cut the hole through a jigsaw.

Place countertop back on cabinets – If you many pieces of countertop, then you can spread waterproof glue at the edges where all of them meet together. After this, you can
fasten the bolts that hold all the pieces jointly from bottom surface of countertop. Make
sure the bolts are not very tight. These bolts come with countertop pieces and slither into precut holes.

What you need to know about Caesarstone quartz countertops

Quartz is amongst the hardest minerals of nature. Have you heard about Caesarstone quartz countertops? Well, they have become very popular amongst homeowners since they help in making quartz countertop for kitchen. You may choose Caesarstone quartz countertops when installing countertops in the kitchen. The surface of Caesarstone quartz


countertops consist of nearly 93% quart which ensures that they will last for a long time. In case of Caesarstone, the strength of quartz is combined together with several polymers and dashes of pigments.
So, if you are thinking to install kitchen countertop by yourself, then you should keep in
mind these steps. However, it is always best to appoint a professional since they know all these work well and will be able to do it more efficiently then if you do it on your own.



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