Kitchen island ideas for a great looking and functional kitchen

A kitchen island can offer you a terrific option for additional storage in a kitchen. It offers you a place to work on, a place to have your meals, and a place to do a whole lot of other stuff as well. If you are on the lookout for a suitable kitchen island for your kitchen, here are some awesome ideas you can look at before choosing one.

Benefits of a Kitchen Island

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Not many homeowners are aware of the myriad benefits a kitchen island can offer in the kitchen. It offers an additional storage option for those who are in need of a desperate way to get some countertop space or free up some space in the cabinets. It acts as the perfect homework and project table for your kids who can do their school work under your supervision without necessarily getting in your way.

It acts as the perfect surface to place a microwave or oven and other appliances. If that is not all, it helps you utilize the available kitchen space in a more efficient manner for sure.

Kitchen Island Ideas you can incorporate in your Home

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Here are some awesome kitchen island ideas you can opt for in your home.

  • Let it blend in with the rest of the kitchen décor

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If you are worried about the kitchen island standing out awkwardly in the kitchen, consider painting it in the same color as that of the kitchen cabinets. Better yet, install a band of tiles along the top or bottom of the island, duplicating the same tiles that are used in the backsplash. This will help the island blend in with the rest of the kitchen better.

  • Work around pillars

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Supporting pillars in the middle of the room may make you think twice about having a kitchen island. However, you can work around the pillars by building the island around them. This allows you to have a space to work on while disguising the pillars effectively.

  • Opt for an all-in-one kitchen island

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Instead of choosing a kitchen island that just offers you a surface to work on, consider choosing one that comes with several other hidden functions. For instance, the kitchen island can hide an oven, stovetop, storage for utensils and appliances, and even a dishwasher, thus saving you plenty of space in the cabinets and on the countertop.

  • Choose a kitchen island with a sink

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The main purpose of a kitchen island is to give you space to work on while preparing your meals. As such, you can expect the work surface to get a bit dirty while preparing complex dishes. In this case, having a kitchen island with a pre-fitted sink can be a wonderful option. Not only will this allow you to wash necessary ingredients before using them, but it will also prevent you from between the island and countertop when preparing your dishes.

  • Install and additional dining table or bar with the island

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Provided you have enough space in the kitchen to work this idea out, consider adding another table near the kitchen table for dining or partying purposes. The table can be as simple as a cozy dining table for all those family dinners, or as extravagant as a sweeping bar counter that will work great for all those weekend parties. This way, you can ensure your guests know what is happening in the kitchen without actually getting involved in the process.

  • Get a moveable island

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If you don’t have enough space to have a permanent kitchen island, consider using a moveable one instead. This will essentially be a small kitchen island fitted with wheels. The island can be moved into the kitchen during meal preparation and then moved out afterwards, thus not compromising on the available space in the kitchen in any way.

A kitchen island will offer you plenty of benefits, including additional storage space and a separate work surface for meal preparation. These kitchen island ideas will help you decide on the best kind of island to choose for your kitchen as well.

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