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Factors you must consider while out shopping for shower tiles

Shower tiles are as important to a bathroom as is the shower. Shower tiles should add to the beauty of the bathroom but at the same, they should also be convenient. Of course, it is up to you as to what kind of shower tiles you should pick up but at the same time, do a little homework before venturing out to buy the tiles.

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First, you should take into account the complete design of your bathroom and then choose the shower tiles accordingly such that these tiles suit the design of the bathroom. In addition, you should know about some dos and don’ts about choosing the shower tiles. Below are a few suggestions:

Friendly tiles: Shower tiles should be friendly and that means, they should not cause any kind of inconvenience to your back or legs and that you must feel comfortable when you sit on them.

Safety and convenience should be the prime concerns behind choosing shower tiles. For the shower bench, opt for a slab rather than tiles, as a slab will be more comfortable to sit on. When you select the slab, ensure that there are no curved edges to it.

Smaller tiles work better as shower tiles: When it comes to shower tiles, smaller the better. Another advantage of smaller tiles is that they can be fit into even small edges and corners.

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Glass tiles are not convenient: Though glass tiles, especially colored glass tiles, look beautiful and stylish, they are not that convenient. First, it is not easy to fix glass tiles because of its high breakage value and second, even after you have succeeded in installing, these glass tiles are not easy to clean and maintain. Since glass is transparent, the moisture collected in them can be easily seen making the shower look dull and dirty.

Slopes add grace: In today’s modern showers, sloped ceiling is more preferred. For such sloped ceilings, smaller tiles are used.

A design that would last for a long time: When it comes to showers, always opt for a design that would work for a long time. It is not possible to change the shower room as and when we wish. Accessibility is a prime factor to consider when it comes to shower rooms. The other factors to keep in mind are to have gradients that slope to just one direction and a format large enough to be comfortable.


Shower tiles are important for a bathroom. It is equally important that you consider tiles that are best suited for the purpose.