Fireplace makeover decorating ideas for the holiday season


During the festive season, decorating the house is too much of fun. The whole family gets together and equally contributes towards the decoration. The Christmas Lights, various ornaments, the Christmas tree and every small detail brings in the mood and fun of the festival.

As much as it is fun to decorate the Christmas tree, it is also fun to decorate the fireplace. The little stockings stacked up in a row, lights and other Christmas elements are all part of the fireplace. Let us look at some more designs and innovative ideas how you can decorate the fireplace to bring in the mood.

Think about a golden theme

A golden Christmas is a very beautiful and subtle way to enhance your fireplace. Snow Globes, a blend of gold and green color ornaments and glitter decorations are all part of this theme. To set in the traditional mood, you can place the Christmas tree decorated with lots of streamers for the glitter look right next to the fireplace.

The cozy and warm look

If you want to give a cozy and warm look to your fireplace, then choose elements like the Christmas stocking, the reindeers, gnomes and a brightly lit Christmas tree standing by it. Keep the decoration to the bare minimum so that you do not miss the real deal.

The eco-friendly concept

For the organic lover, decorate your fireplace with all natural décors. Dried flowers, an all-natural Christmas wreath and natural elements like pine cones, twigs etc are elements of such a theme.  The natural texture of this theme is perfect for the all eco friendly Christmas that you plan to have.

Intimacy and Loving look

If love is in the air, let it reflect in your Christmas decorations. Choose a color pallet of pinks and reds to resemble the environment. Silver and Gold or any metallic color adds to the glam element. While decorating your fireplace, you can put up some of the fond memories of you and your partner. You can even decorate your Christmas them in the colors that the both of you love to make it special.

The Vintage look  

If you have an antique collection that is placed on your fireplace, why not let the theme reflect the elements as well. Choose the traditional bronze, copper and all brown look to add to the theme. Do not miss the Cuckoo clock.

The medieval look

Long candleholders, centerpieces made with stones, the slash of the silver grey and stainless steel effect are part of the medieval look.  You can also consider arranging various Christmas elements to look like a shield.

The frilly effect – The all fabric theme

From net to lace and other such delicate looking fabric, you can decorate the fireplace in an all fabric thing. The only one thing you have to be careful about is not let the fabric get in contact with the fire. This concept is ideal for people who has an electronic fireplace and can afford to play with fabrics.

Back to basics

This simple and effective way of styling or decorating your fireplace with Christmas stockings is always a traditional look. If you want to break in a small twist, consider metal-based Christmas ornaments instead of the colorful ones. It will also be a good idea to have your crib placed just above the fireplace.

It is all about green

Green decorations, green color ornaments and the green Christmas tree with Mistletoe pots are all part of this theme. To add a little color, consider the combination of the glossy and Matte gold color, which will blend in perfectly and bring out a beautiful finish.

The Santa theme

You cannot forget Santa Claus during Christmas. So why not incorporate this cleaned to your fireplace; on one side of the fireplace you can have the Christmas tree and on the other end the sledge and Reindeer. Leave some cookies and milk in front of the fireplace I have a large size snowman made from pots with a Santa figurine this will surely bring in the entire theme of Santa Claus and assemble every element of Christmas perfectly. Do not forget to have your Crib close to the fireplace with the bright shiny light of the North Star.

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